WAR DOGS – Rated R

war dogs

WAR DOGS – Rated R

 Starring Miles Teller, Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper

 Writer/Producer & Director Todd Phillips – the man who brought us such comedic films as OLD SCHOOL, DUE DATE and all the HANGOVER movies ~ decides to go TRUE STORY on us this time around, as we venture into the lives of 20 something US military arms dealers David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli – SAY WHAT? – This is WAR DOGS!!

Making his way through life as a massage therapist and bed sheet salesman, young entrepreneur David Packouz (Miles Teller) isn’t quite too happy, or content with where his life is headed thus far. When old pal Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) comes back into David’s life, it seems that Efraim has got his life on a string, as he is dealing in government contracts, and making major bank in the process!

Happy to be a part of each other’s lives again, Packouz decides to partner with Diveroli in his new business ventures, as with a baby on the way, he needs to make some cash, and fast!

Learning the ropes of Government contracting and arms sales, Packouz is making his way to mega bucks, right along with Diveroli, on the shirt tales of our federal government, faster than you can say Iraqi War…

 When our youngsters decide to go after an even larger military arms contract than they have previously, it seems that this large of a contract is realistically totally out of their reach…or is it???

Enter arms dealer and “terrorist watch list” businessman Henry Girard to help our boys secure THE BIG DEAL, as he has ways of circumventing lots of countries policies and procedures, allowing our boys to come in as the lowest bidder on these contracts by far.

As Pachouz heads overseas to secure the ammunition needed for this contract, Diveroli is back in the states, holding down the fort, and every prostitute he can hire too.

Feeling abandoned and discontent on how this whole deal is shaking out, Packouz decides that maybe he isn’t cut out for the world of government military contracting after all, as he tries to find a way out the crazy world of arms dealing, before its too late…

I give WAR DOGS a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN – Knowing going in that this is a true story, was a little disheartening to begin with…I mean, how could two twenty-something guys manage to get government contracts to arm our military, and more than once mind you…but as you see the whole thing play out on screen, you become very quickly intrigued and definitely wanting to know more. Teller is FANTASTIC as the mild-mannered Packouz, wanting to make his way to financial freedom as fast as possible, in order to take care of his girlfriend, and beautiful baby girl …and Hill is absolutely SUPERB too, as the mastermind and douchebag Diveroli – as he plays good friend one minute and total a-hole the next with an ease and arrogance all his own. You will be utterly amazed at how easy it was for these guys to deal with our federal government – and to make big bucks in the process ~ off of us tax payers mind you ~ as their story unfolds. And know going in too, that this film doesn’t leave the best light on Bush and Cheney’s time in office either.so if they were your boys, you might want to sit this out, I’m just warning you. And the best part for me with WAR DOGS, was that this film takes so many twists and turns that you aren’t exposed to in the trailer, that it made me love the unexpected feeling of this film and the non-disclosed storyline even more, as sometimes you find that the unknown can be pretty gratifying, when its all said and done.

Kathy Kaiser

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