Joy – Rated PG-13


Writer and Director DAVID O. RUSSELL brings the TRUE-LIFE Story of Business magnate and entrepreneur JOY MANGANO to the Big Screen, showing us a multitude

Of reasons why you should be cautious of everyone in business ~ ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN FAMILY…THIS IS JOY!

Always dreaming up new and exciting things to create since childhood ~ Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) has been dreaming of that ONE PERFECT CREATION, that can not only change her life, but the lives of her children and family too…

Surrounded by as much family dysfunction as one can possibly handle ~ Joy has managed to build a home with two children, a live-in psychotic mother named Terry (Virginia Madsen), her ex-husband Tony (Edgar Ramirez) and now, to make things even more “perfect”, her father Rudy (Robert De Niro) has moved in too…and he’s not been married to Terry for quite some time…YIPPEE!!!

As the bills continue to pile up, and it seems there is no hope in sight, Joy gets a fabulous idea while on a boating excursion with her father’s new girlfriend Trudy (Isabella Rossellini).

When the wheels of commerce finally start turning on Joy’s FABULOUS INVENTION, it seems that she might have to market this product in a new, and unconventional way ~ as she makes sure to cross paths with the KING OF HOME SHOPPING – the one, the only Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper). Now, finally it seems that all might be right with the world after all, but wait a minute…not so fast!!!

Now that Joy is up to her eyeballs in debt, and it seems that her family is just as ruthless as those on the outside trying to get “a piece of her”….Joy must find the inner strength to persevere, and show all these morons, exactly who she is…and WHAT SHE CAN DO!!!

I give JOY a rating somewhere between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and CATCH IT ON DVD – I always love TRUE STORIES ~ especially when they involve GIRL POWER, and JOY DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!! So why rate it this way?? The flow of this film fell really flat in places, and even though I loved the casting, the premise and the inspiring storyline, I was hoping for a little more hutzpah from everyone involved. Lawrence plays exactly what we have seen from her before, Cooper too, and DeNiro didn’t have enough material to truly leave his mark along the way either. It’s not FABULOUS, but it’s not BAD EITHER. I truly enjoyed viewing the film, I’m just not sure it warrants dropping a some cold hard cash to catch it on the big screen, if you know what I mean….so you will need to decide, is it the film that you catch for that family time CHRISTMAS EXCURSION, or do you wait and catch this one for FAMILY NIGHT entertainment in a few months….YOUR CALL!!

Kathy Kaiser

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