the-big-short-teaser-posterTHE BIG SHORT – Rated R

From the man who co-wrote such comedic classics as ANCHOR MAN, TALLEDEGA NIGHTS, and THE OTHER GUYS ~ ADAM MCKAY ~ comes a riveting tale of REAL~LIFE ~ with of course satirical comedic twists along the way ~ as a group of financial WISE-GUYS figure out what is really happening to our economy prior to the 2008 collapse ~ and at the hands of our fiscally irresponsible banks too…THIS IS THE BIG SHORT!!!

When Dr. Michael Burry (Christian Bale) – now turned financial guru ~ happens upon what he thinks is a major flaw in the present handling of our housing market by THE BIG BANKS, he decides to invest a major chunk of his investors capital in its future collapse….NICE, RIGHT!!

Meanwhile, a few other financial geniuses, including, Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling), Mark Epstein (Steve Carrell) and his brother Paul (Peter Epstein) and retired financial analyst Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt) ~ who has been brought in by two younger millionaires, ~ all think they have determined the same outcome as Dr. Burry has with our housing market…

As they all continue to investigate their “theories”, the housing market is flying high on it’s glaring subpar interest rates and with it’s over-lending schemes running amuck…

When the collapse finally happens, which a few of these masterminds tried feebly to disclose, ~ and who still managed to walk away with millions, ~ knowing that the BAD GUYS at the Banks were about to take THE FALL OF A LIFETIME eased their minds~ or maybe NOT ~ as the Feds decide to swoop in to try to save the Banks, and their CEO’s, but it seems the “little guy” in all of this isn’t worth saving at all, when it is all said and done…

I give THE BIG SHORT the rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ These last few months of 2015 have been some of the best viewing months of my life, as, once again, this film takes a real life story, and makes it literally COME TO LIFE, and in A BIG WAY! Having lived through this collapse, I was not looking forward to viewing this story, if it had not been for all, I may have had to miss it, but this collaboration of “experts” definitely drew me in~ from Bale, to Gosling, to Carrell, to Pitt ~ even youngster Whitrock and Magaro shine in their respective roles. And additional kudos go to Director and Writer Adam McKay too, as he took some very serious subject matter, added his nuance of comedic genius throughout, and made one heck of film that you absolutely have to experience each and every minute of…

Kathy Kaiser

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