Daddy’s Home – Rated PG-13


From the Writer who has brought us such comedic classics as SHE’s OUT OF MY LEAGUE, DUMB and DUMBER TOO, WE’RE THE MILLER’s and HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 ~ SEAN ANDERS ~ comes a comedic family film that many a stepfather ~ or father for that matter ~ can totally relate to…THIS IS DADDY’S HOME!

Trying to be the BEST STEPFATHER EVER to his two new children, since his marriage to their mom ~ Radio Exec. Bill Whitaker (Will Ferrell) is out to win them over, as he tries to make their lives complete.

Trying to make wife Sara (Linda Cardellini) happy in the process too, he invites her ex-husband Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) to come hang with the fam for a while…

Well, as they say, divorces happen for a reason, so Sara isn’t quite ecstatic about this new “little living arrangement”…but it seems, the kids are giddy with glee at the prospect of their father living with them once again!!!

As Dusty settles in to enjoying his old , and new “family life” it seems that everyone is totally enjoying his presence and bad-boy antics across the board, especially Bill’s boss Leo (Thomas Hayden Church).

While these two dads set out to be ALL THAT THEY CAN BE in the eyes of “their children”, it seems that only one of them is poised to win the love, admiration and affection of the kiddos…and it sees as if it won’t be the nice and mild mannered Bill either…

As the mean-spirited antics continue, and now BOTH FATHER FIGURES have decided to be on their worst behavior ~ who will finally take THE BEST FATHER, spotlight, when it is all said and done???

I give DADDY’s HOME a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ okay, lets cut to the chase…this isn’t the rating you were expecting…and believe me, neither was I,especially considering that Ferrell isn’t one of my favorite comedic actors by far.. But the premise of this film, combined with the perfect storyline, antics and casting of the duo of Ferrell and Wahlberg, make this the perfect family film, which the entire family will enjoy. And I must share too, that the audience helped sway my rating decision, when it was said and done, as they were laughing their “you know what’s off” the whole way through!!! So if you are looking for a comedy that will continue all that family “FESTIVE CHEER” over the holidays this year, then check out DADDY’s HOME at a theater near you!!

Kathy Kaiser

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