The D Train

From Writers and Directors Andrew Mogul and Jarrad Paul, comes a REUNION FILM that won’t leave your psyche any time soon ~ with their new comedy ~ THE D-TRAIN.

As the self-imposed CHAIRMAN of his High School Reunion Committee, Dan Landsman (Jack Black) is finding that he may be even less popular with his fellow classmates than he was in high school.

Bound and determined to leave his mark with his fellow classmates, and on this reunion, Dan sets out to track down a fellow classmate, Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), who he believes is now A SUPERSTAR, from having made a tanning lotion commercial ~ making him even MORE POPULAR in Dan’s mind!

Pretending that he needs to go on a “business trip”, Dan heads to LA to locate Oliver and convince him that attending their 20-year reunion is A MUST, because if he comes, everyone else will too!!

Well, what is a good host to do but to show their guest a GOOD TIME, as Oliver takes Dan out on the town for a night he WILL NEVER FORGET ~ but remember, what happens in LA, stays in LA!

When Dan returns to the cheers and roars from his fellow committee members, from securing the one, the only, OLIVER LAWLESS for their reunion, Dan is flying on CLOUD 9, as now, he too has made “the big time” ~ well, in his own mind anyway!

As fantastic as securing Oliver for the reunion is, Dan is still trying to come to terms with a few things that transpired in LA, like the lies he told his boss to get him out there, and what about his newfound “relationship” with Oliver, that he just can’t seem to get off of his mind either…

I give THE D TRAIN 3 out of 5 stars: I was totally excited to see Black and Marsden together in this film, as they seem to be the perfect polar opposites to play their respective roles.  Black playing Dan, the family man, wanting to make his life “so much more” and Marsden playing the washed up actor with too many other issues to keep track of, this seemed like it was truly a casting for the ages. But, even though the casting was dead on and Marsden being scruffy plays out “really nice”, parts of this film just went off the rails for me. From it’s slowness ~ come on, lets get to the point~ to the lack luster material for Kathryn Hahn who plays Stacey, Dan’s wife, this film just seemed to loose steam as the scenes went by. So, even though I wanted to give it a fantastic rating and was hoping that it was going to be an absolute joy ride of epic proportions, it just turned out to be another okay film for me. Here’s to hoping that the next epic film that is a MUST SEE is just around the corner!!!

Kathy Kaiser  

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