Far from the madding crowd

Based on the Thomas Hardy novel by that same name – FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD takes us deep into the Victorian era farmlands of England, entrenched in the beauty of the countryside, and the life of one fiercely independent woman for the time, Bathsheba Everdeen.

Living with her aunt, but in hopes of returning home to her family’s estate one day very soon, Bathsheba Everdeen (Carrie Mulligan) meets Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts), the very handsome farmer next door.

Smitten with Bathsheba from the very first time he laid eyes on her, Gabriel proposes marriage ~ but is turned down in a heartbeat ~ as Bathsheba has plans of making a life for herself ~ without the assistance of any man.

When her families estate is finally left to her, Bathsheba hastens her plans to live the life she has dreamed of, one of making her own fortune. Gabriel is forced to seek refuge after loosing his own farm, and becomes the hired hand for the only woman he has ever loved.

Another suitor comes to call, the older and richer William Boldwood (Michael Sheen), he too proposes marriage, but Bathsheba must decline his offer too. William bides his time, as he knows that Bathsheba will come to understand what he can offer her ~ prestige and riches beyond her dreams~ so how long can she refuse becoming his wife?

When a chance encounter brings Bathsheba face to face with Sergeant Francis Troy (Tom Sturridge), she is finally thinking that this military man may just be the one and only man in her life that can steal her heart…

I give FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWN 4 out of 5 Stars: This film is not only breathtakingly beautiful from a cinematic viewpoint, but the storyline of three men courting the insatiable Bathsheba Everdeen is enjoyable to view too. Mulligan is the perfect choice to play the 18th century maiden with a mind of her own (She is absolutely superb), and the casting of three totally different suitors with Schoenerts, Sheen and Sturridge makes for a very memorable “love tryst at every turn” type film to boot. If you love Victorian era films filled with beautiful scenery, love, and an ample amount of heartache too, then FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD should be your pick to catch this weekend at a theater near you!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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