Hot Pursuit Poster

From Female Director Anne Fletcher ~ who brought us THE PROPOSAL, STEP UP, and 27 DRESSES ~ comes a comedy that combines the wife of a drug lord with a southern, rule abiding female cop, in her latest film – HOT PURSUIT!

Brought up by her loving father in the back of his patrol car, Officer Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) has been waiting for her big break ever since she joined the police force.

When Cooper is asked to secure the safety of one Daniella Riva (Sophia Vergara), a drug pins wife whose husband has decided to go into protective custody to save his own skin~ and hers ~ this assignment seems like a dream come true!

But, little does Cooper know that the bad guys who want Daniella and her husband DEAD ~ and a few BAD COPS too ~ are out to make sure that neither her nor Daniella makes it out of Texas alive!

As these two women try to find a common ground between their two very different lives, they alas form a friendship that just might make the difference between life or death…

I give HOT PURSUIT 2 out of 5 Stars: I have really enjoyed both of these actresses in numerous roles before, so I was anticipating enjoying this comedy immensely. Sadly, that was not the case. There is next to no chemistry between Vergara and Witherspoon in this film – heck, there was more chemistry between the two of them on the red carpet at the films premiere than you see on screen. And the lackluster attempts at comedy throughout the film miss the mark too, as I found myself only laughing in a few select parts, and even though there was quite a few people in the theater laughing along with me, these times were very few and far between. As I am struggling to not totally throw this film to the curb since there are females in key roles both on and off the screen, I should share that you don’t have to worry about the youngsters seeing this film though, as it is by far about as clean as a PG-13 film gets these days. Plus, some of the older generations might enjoy the “squeaky clean” attempts at comedy that play out throughout the film too, so maybe there are a few audiences that might find this film remotely entertaining, I’m just not part of either of those groups. Here’s to hoping that the next time Vergara or Witherspoon hit the big screen, it will make HOT PURSUIT nothing but a faint memory for me, as there is really no other way to say it, but that this film is just B.A.D.

Kathy Kaiser


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