“My daughter was the thing that made me, me.”

Based on the 2009 Argentinian film that received the Best Foreign Language film Oscar that year – aptly titled – THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES ~ we join a team of FBI agents post 911, who are working to save our country from terrorism threats in LA ~ that is until their world is shattered by the inexplicable murder of one of their children – tearing them, and their worlds apart… ~ THIS IS SECRET IN THEIR EYES…

Gaining momentum as their careers take off – FBI agents Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Jess (Julia Roberts) and lead counsel Claire (Nicole Kidman), are headed for greatness, leading a team tasked with distinguishing any terroristic activity in Los Angeles since the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

When Jess’s daughter is found brutally murdered by a suspected terrorist they have been surveying at a Mosque nearby ~ all of their world’s are shattered, as why could they not have prevented this from happening ~ especially to one of THEIR OWN.

As the years pass by ~ 13 to be exact ~ Ray has never stopped working on this case, knowing he needs to bring Marzin (Joe Cole) to justice, once and for all.

As he tries to secure the help of not only Claire, his old friend Bumpy (Dean Norris), but Jess too, Ray soon finds that everything may not have been on the up-an-up from the beginning on this murder case – both internally…and externally as well…

I give SECRET IN THEIR EYES a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Ejiofor, Kidman and Roberts are all superb in this intense thriller, as are Molina, Norris and Cole in their supporting roles too. Of course, having two daughters of my own, this subject matter was a little hard to watch, but the numerous twists and turns in the storyline kept me engaged the entire time I was viewing this film. I enjoyed the unrequited love theme throughout as well, as it allows for a break from the suspenseful nature of this film, making its premise a little easier to take. Having not had the opportunity to see the original Oscar winning foreign film from 2009, I can only imagine that screenplay writer and Director Billy Ray, tried to make sure this film was everything the original was, and so much more. The casting of such seasoned actors not only brought star power to this remake, but it also gives viewers a chance to experience a different Roberts than you have ever seen before…

Kathy Kaiser

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