TRUTH – Rated R

Truth movie poster

“The President of the United States may have gone a-wall from the Military…?”

In the new movie TRUTH ~ James Vanderbilt ~ known for scripting SPIDDEY’s BIG ADVENTURES with The Amazing SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2, penning 2013’s action drama WHITE HOUSE DOWN, and presently working on the script for INDEPENDENCE DAY 3 ~ is telling the tale based on Mapes 2005 Book “Truth and Duty: The Press, the President and the Privilege of Power,” from THE DIRECTOR’s Chair – sharing what lead to the 2004 – 60 Minutes Story on then President G.W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service, and how this story ~ and its aftermath ~ ultimately lead to the demise of Rathers’ and Mapes’ career’s in journalism…

 Having worked together for many years as part of CBS News’s 60-Minutes team, Producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) and Journalist Dan Rather (Robert Redford) have decided to research a story that may just turn out to be “a bombshell” to President G.W. Bush’s run for a second term. Mapes is

contacted by Lt. Col. Bill Burkett (Stacy Keach), who insists he has documents that prove Bush went a-wall during his time serving in the Texas Air National Guard…

Assembling the best team possible to investigate Bush’s military service ~ or lack there of ~ Mapes secures Journalist Mike Smith (Topher Grace), Professor Lucy Scott (Elisabeth Moss), and Retired Military Expert Col. Roger Charles (Dennis Quaid), to investigate G.W.’s military service from beginning to end.

As numerous people step forward to corroborate their findings, Mapes is secure in the fact that these memos provided to her by Burkett are real, contain factual information, and that their entire investigation into Bush’s military background is air-tight. Now, its time for Rather to do what he does BEST ~ taking this loaded information to the American public…

When the memos authenticity is questioned from the onset of the report ~ it seems that the American public, Bush’s campaign, even the heads at CBS are asking for Mapes to prove not only the authenticity of “those memos”, but of the information that was provided to her from “numerous sources” too…

As the firestorm rages on both inside and outside of CBS NEWS, Mapes and Rather are feeling their careers slipping away, as an independent panel has been brought in to investigate ALL OF THE PEOPLE responsible for this FABRICATED ATROSITY of a story…

I give TRUTH a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN: Vanderbilt picked a real BARN-BURNER to take on for his Directorial debut ~ as this story ~ and it’s take on journalistic integrity will be debated across the board for quite some time. Suffice to say too, that Blanchett is OSCAR NOMINATION BOUND ONCE AGAIN for her passionate portrayal of Mapes, as she is by far, the stand out performance in this film. Redford’s portrayal of Rather is also top-notch, and so much more enjoyable than the last few films he has taken on in my estimation. Moss, Grace and Quaid rounded out a superb cast as they all gave exceptional performances too, taking on the task of revisiting a story that I am certain CBS would have rather left buried in their archives of footage, never to be seen again. But, with the resurfacing of this story also comes to light the integrity issues that constantly plague our media, even today. I am sure that many a heated discussion will ensue between those who view this film, over not only the subject matter, but over the fact that this film never really touches on it’s title ~ the TRUTH of the matter ~ as it seems we merely work off of conspiracy theories and political agendas it seems, rather than getting to what the TRUTH REALLY IS, when its all said and done. A portion of our country is going to LOVE IT, a portion is going to HATE IT ~ but I think EVERYONE ~ regardless of your political views, or bias about our media ~ should head out to see this one, even though it may be hard to find, as it is showing in limited release…

Kathy Kaiser

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