ROOM – Rated R

Best Selling novelist Emma Donoghue and Director Lenny Abrahamson have joined forces to bring to life the incredible story that she penned not once ~ but twice ~ as she wrote the screenplay too ~ as we learn what life in captivity is all about…this is ROOM.

Kidnapped as a teenager and forced to live life with her young son in captivity, we meet Ma/Joy (Brie Larson) and Jack (Jacob Tremblay) as they go about their day-to-day lives with little contact from the outside world…

Never knowing anything but the walls in which he has lived his whole life ~ Jack is content living with his mom ~ in his ROOM ~ but doesn’t necessarily enjoy the periodic visits by Old Nick (Sean Bridgers), when he has to sleep in the wardrobe…

When his 5th birthday finally arrives, Ma convinces Jack that he is their only hope on ever leaving THE ROOM ~ as they contrive a plan to escape to a world Jack doesn’t really know, or truly understand…

I give ROOM a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Well, this film is definitely not a pick-me-up by any means, but it is as real, intense and emotionally charged as any film I have seen so far this year. Larson keeps getting better and better in each and every film she takes on, and Trembley gives an award winning performance too as Jack ~ his incredible performance, and at such a young age, is absolutely astonishing. This movie will draw you in and not let go from its first frame to its last. One minute heart-wrenching, one minute enlightening, one minute loathing, your will find yourself on an emotional roller coaster as you experience the multitude of emotions that these two must face not only in captivity, but in the outside world as well. I must also share that this film noteably brings a sense of completion to the storyline…which was totally refreshing for me, as I hate unfinished films, and it seems that too many go down that road just for the point of it… I would also venture to say that this film, and its two key characters names will probably pop-up during awards season, as this movie, and both Larson and Trembley’s performances are absolutely deserving of an accolade or two…

Kathy Kaiser

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