“You’re a fighter Jane…I’m giving you another shot a THE TITLE…”

Inspired by true events and fictionally based on Rachel Boynton’s 2005 Documentary by the same name, we meet “Calamity Jane” Bodine (Sandra Bullock) ~ who has retired from the political campaign scene after being repeatedly annihilated by her arch nemesis in the campaign world by fellow political campaign consultant Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton).

Pressed by former comrade Nell (Ann Dowd) and newcomer Ben (Anthony Mackie) to get back into the ring to aid Bolivia’s past President Pedro Gallo  (Joaquim De Almeida), Jane isn’t sure if she is ready to come out of retirement just yet, or to take on another campaign against Candy either…

Well, you can’t keep a good girl down~ so Jane takes on Gallo’s campaign and finds that it doesn’t take long for her and Pat to fall right back into their “sparring ways”. When Jane’s finally gets the fighting spirit back she is known for ~ she refocuses Gallo’s campaign to show his humanity, portraying that Gallo is “the best choice” to save their country from total deterioration. But, Pat isn’t going to go away quite that easily, as once again he seems to be one step ahead of Jane with his every move for the opposition…

As the polling numbers start inching slowing in Gallo’s favor, Pat begins to work tirelessly to get into Jane’s head, as he knows if he’s persistent, he can take her down this time too. Destined to finally take out the man who haunts her dreams, Jane finds that she too is capable of playing dirty…as long as when it’s all said and done, her candidate wins the election, which is what is best for the people of Bolivia…or is it??

I give OUR BRAND IS CRISIS a rating between: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT TO CATCH IT ON DVD ~ Even though I was sad to hear that Clooney had to back out starring opposite Bullock for this film ~ as their stint together in GRAVITY wasn’t near long enough ~ replacing him with Thornton played out well, as the tension and disgust between Bullock and Thornton as campaign rivals translates to the screen perfectly! Bullock’s character being more neurotic and bitchy than we are accustomed to seeing was extremely enjoyable to watch too. I also enjoyed Dowd and Mackie’s roles along Bullock on the campaign trail too, and Almeida’s performance as the past-president running for re-election, who hires Jane as his campaign strategist was perfectly cast too, as he definitely has the “politician” swagger down,” assuring everyone that he is in their corner, whether it’s the truth, or not…OUR BRAND IS CRISIS is filled with good performances throughout, so if you enjoy the world of politics, or the sense of “selling your soul” for a cause…until you come to your senses, then you will definitely want to catch this film at a theater near you…

Kathy Kaiser

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