Bridge of Spies

Back for more historical tale-telling, Director Steven Spielberg sets out to share the true and epic drama of Lawyer James B. Donovan’s life, and his conviction and dedication not only to our country, but for his fellow man as well…as we venture onto the BRIDGE OF SPIES.

Engrossed in the day-to-day excitement of insurance law (ha-ha, just kidding ;), we meet family man and lawyer extraordinaire James B. Donovan (Tom Hanks).

As the Cold War rages on, our CIA is entrenched in locating anyone on our soil that might be spying on us for Russia. When our intelligence locates one Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), they move in to incarcerate him, and find out what he knows…and what he has been relaying back to the Soviets…

Needing a lawyer to defend his case, Principal Attorney Thomas Waters Jr. (Alan Alda) offers the services of Donovan as Abel’s defense lawyer, ~ assuming it will be a guilty verdict, but everyone in this country ~ including spies ~ deserve a fair trail. Not keen on providing defense for this “mastermind of espionage”, Donovan hopes that Waters will reconsider his involvement in the case, but to no avail…

Focusing on a defense for Abel ~ while trying to come up an alternative for letting this spy rot in jail, Donovan comes up with a plan to use Abel as a pawn to gain access to one of our airmen held by the Soviet’s ~ a trade of sorts ~ And who better to negotiate this release than the good lawyer himself…

I give BRIDGE OF SPIES a rating of: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ This film is absolutely FABULOUS!!! It’s true, I do love Hanks and many of the films he has made over the last three decades, and since when has the joining of Spielberg and Hanks ever produced anything less than an extraordinary film ~ Like NEVER ~ and take my word for it, BRIDGE OF SPIES is no exception.   This film is SHEER PERFECTION from the first frame to the last ~ from the exquisite acting Hanks, Rylance, Alda, heck, everyone on screen…to the breathtaking cinematography captured throughout the film…to the historical significance of the storyline, that many of us may not have known anything about ~ including myself~ BRIDGE OF SPIES it’s absolutely one real-life drama that you don’t want to miss!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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