From the Director who brought us such family friendly films as SHARK TALE, MONSTERs vs. ALIENS, and GULLIVER’S TRAVELS ~ ROB LETTERMAN ~ comes a story ripped straight from the pages of R.L. STINES many CREEPY novels ~ so settle in, as you are about to get ~ GOOSEBUMPS…

Forced to move with this mom to a new home in Maryland, Zach (Dylan Minnette) isn’t too excited for this transition in his life to say the least. That is, until he meets the beautiful girl next door named Hannah (Odeya Rush), as now things seem to be maybe picking up slightly…

When Zach meets Hannah’s father, the contemptuously cranky R. L. Stine (Jack Black), it seems that Hannah’s life may be far from enjoyable, living with her father…

Destined to find out what is happening at Hannah’s house, and to her at the hand’s of her father, Zach and his buddy Champ (Ryan Lee) call the cops, and head over to check things out…

When Zach finds a bookcase filled with locked-up books, what else is a guy to do, but to try to find the key, and then open up one or two…

Not realizing how incredibly REAL the stories in these books are, Zach, Hannah and Champ ~ and R.L. Stine too ~ soon find themselves at the mercy of all of his CREATIONS ~ now escaping frantically from the pages, for all the world to see…

I give GOOSEBUMPS a rating somewhere between CATCH IT ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH IT ON DVD ~ If your children have read these books and have been bugging you since they saw the first trailer to SEE THIS FILM – then by all means – grab them and head out to a theater near you to enjoy this film ~ but if that isn’t the case at your house ~ I would wait and catch it on DVD. The storyline is cute ~ as all of R.L. STINES creepy characters are invading the small town of Greendale Maryland ~ and the acting isn’t bad either ~ Black plays creepy and mean one minute, and loving and caring the next with ease ~ I MEAN WHO DOESN’T LOVE JACK J ~ and the youngsters in this film are good too in their respective roles, but the storyline of this film isn’t as good as any of R.L. STINES books by any means, and after 20 minutes of gnomes, and snowmen, and SLAPPY OF COURSE, I was kind of over it, and wanted the movie to hurry itself along… that was until the cameo towards the end of the film, which definitely put a smile on my face. So, bottom line, if you love these books and have enjoyed reading them and experiencing these characters, then definitely catch it ON THE BIG SCREEN, but if not, this is one film that you can definitely wait to catch until it hits on DVD or streaming!!!

Kathy Kaiser  

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