Alejandro Monteverde pens and directs this WWII classic story of the love between a father and son, and the extremes that one eight year old will go through to make certain his father comes home from the war ~ with his latest creation ~ LITTLE BOY!

When his eldest son London (David Henrie) can’t enlist in the military due to flat feet, James Busbee (Michael Rappaport) must leave his wife Emma (Emily Watson) and his youngest son Pepper (Jakob Salvati) and enlist instead.

Desperate for his father to return a.s.a.p, Pepper decides to reach out to Fr. Oliver (Tom Wilkinson) to see if he knows a way to make sure that his dad comes home from the war. Fr. Oliver shares a list of “good deeds” with Pepper, and convinces him that if he takes on these tasks seriously ~ and if it is God’s will ~ his father will return to their family.

Pepper is none to happy with Fr. Oliver’s first assignment ~ befriending “the Jap” Mr. Hashimoto (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) that lives in town, because it is on account of terrible people like Mr. Hashimoto, that his father is gone!

Distrust and angst between these two “enemies” slowly turns to a deep and abiding friendship as Mr. Hashimoto decides if you can’t beat em’, join em’, so he assists Pepper is performing all the tasks on his special list!

When Pepper decides to move a mountain just like God does in the bible, and he does, well, sort of~ he is adimate that he now has the power to bring his father home. So he sets out day, after day, after day, using his magic powers to bring his father home~ the only question is ~ If, or when, will he finally arrive??

I give LITTLE BOY a 3.5 out of 5 Stars: Talk about tugging at your heartstrings, this storyline is so nostalgically beautiful and poignant that you will be lost in the very essence of every frame of this film. Salvati may be playing a “little guy”, but his performance in this film is larger than life! He is truly a fine young actor who will be making waves in the industry for years to come. LITTLE BOY will definitely touch everyone who views it, whether you are young or maybe not so young anymore. And David Henrie’s performance is also superb, as he has moved way beyond his Disney Channel persona, playing the older brother with lots of issues. So, if you love films with the incredible feeling of days gone by, filled with tender moments you won’t soon forget, then grab the entire family and head out to a theater near you to catch this sentimental masterpiece!

Kathy Kaiser

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