True Story movie poster

Robert Gould writes and directs the real life story and dramatic turn of events that intertwine the lives of New York Times Reporter Mike FInkel, and accused killer Christian Longo ~ in his new film, and directorial debut ~ TRUE STORY.

When New York Times Journalist Mike FInkel (Jonah Hill) finds himself terminated over an embellished cover story for the newspaper, he decides to return home to Montana in hopes of saving his marriage and his career.

Upon his return, Finkel is contacted by accused killer Christian Longo (James Franco), who shares that he has been using Finkel’s identity to keep the cops off his trail, but now that he is incarcerated, he would love to meet with Finkel to share THE REAL STORY!

Confused by Longo’s innocent persona, Finkel agrees to meet with Longo weekly, as he shares what really happened to his family. Finkel is intrigued and sold on Longo’s tale, as he starts to write the story that will most definitely resurrect his career, as Longo’s story must be TRUE…or is it??

I give TRUE STORY a 4 out of 5 Stars: I really enjoy films that are based on someone’s life, so I was most intrigued to see this particular TRUE STORY play out on big screen. And to my delight, Hill and Franco were cast perfectly in their roles as the meek-mannered journalist and the psychotic killer. Hill and his vulnerability shine on the screen, as Franco’s dark and demented demeanor mesmerizes too in each and every frame. The only negative for me in viewing this film, was the fact that they totally didn’t use Felicity Jones to her full potential. She is way too talented of an actress to have taken on such an insignificant role. But, even with that little miss step, I think that TRUE STORY is the one film YOU MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND! Hill and Franco give their best performances EVER, so you must grab your friend or significant other and head to a theater near you to view TRUE STORY…you won’t be sorry 😉

Kathy Kaiser  

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