Monkey Kingdom movie poster

Next up in the DISNEY NATURE Film Series we meet Mia and her newborn son Kip, as they live their lives in the forests of Asia. Having grown accustomed to the social hierarchy they were born into ~ that of being the lowest monkeys in their troop~ Mia and Kip’s adventures take them into uncharted territory when another group of monkeys takes over their homeland.

Forced to find shelter elsewhere, it seems that Mia may be smarter than those in her troop of higher stature, as she ends up teaching everyone a thing or two about survival, oh, and avoiding the many predators that would love to enjoy them as a snack.

With breathtaking footage depicting their story and habitat, ~ and narration by Emmy, SAG and GOLDEN GLOBE winning actress TINA FEY ~ MONKEY KINGDOM will take you and your family deep into a world you won’t soon forget.

I give MONKEY KINGDOM a B-: Although this film can’t hold a candle to Disney Natures OCEANS – the combination of beautiful footage of these incredible creatures, in their natural habitat, does make for a good film. Disney does it again, bringing to life an incredible documentary about nature, and exposing us to the lives of creatures many of us know little about. MONKEY KINGDOM also brings to our conscience the importance of saving these creatures and the habitats that they call HOME. Being released again this year in time to celebrate EARTH DAY, Disney will donate a portion of the proceeds raised during the opening week of this film to CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL, which works to save animals and their habitats around the world. If you or any of your family enjoy nature – then this film will be absolutely perfect to view whether you are 5 or 95. So, grab your troop and head to a theater near you to enjoy the world of MONKEY KINGDOM and to make a difference for generations to come, all at the same time!

Kathy Kaiser

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