Kevin James has been hard at work, writing, starring, and producing along side his fellow in crime Adam Sandler, with the next installment of SECURITY GUARD MAYHEM – Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Having kept everyone at the New Jersey Mall safe from harm for the last 6 years, Blart (Kevin James) decides with the death of his mother and the exit of his new wife after only six weeks, its time to head to Las Vegas, where he and his fellow security guards are conferencing.

As Blart tries to keep his daughter Mya (Rainey Rodriquez) close and safe, little does he know that art thieves have taken over the hotel they are staying at. When Mya happens upon the thieves, lead by art expert Vincent (Neal McDonough), once again it is Daddy to the rescue to save his little girl, oh and the young man named Lane (David Henrie) she is falling for too.

Will Paul Blart be able to save his little girl and the precious art from these thieves? Will his fellow security guards come to his aid to overthrow the bad guys? And will Blart be able to let Mya head off to college, without him in tow?

I give Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 a D: I know, the thought that I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, Kevin James would write himself an even better part that he played in the original Paul Blart film was a stretch, but I have to admit, I was hoping for the best. But sadly, and I do mean SADLY, this film doesn’t come close to providing us with the hilarious comedic timing and goody guy humor we know and love from James ~ even the funny parts aren’t funny ~ which is too bad. He really is a fantastic funny guy when he is on, but his Paul Blart role just doesn’t do him any justice. Even the fight scene between the lame security guards and the bad guys didn’t add any luster to this bleak and dismal attempt at comedy gone awry. I am sorry to say that I can’t even say you should go see this film just to see a comedian you love to see on screen, because even James’s sweet persona and stellar comedic timing didn’t show up for this one. Let’s hope that his next attempt with Adam Sandler in the upcoming movie PIXELS can salvage some part of his fledgling career!!

Kathy Kaiser

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