May contain spoilers

 SO, what do you do when you don’t have any friends – much less one that you can call on to be your BEST MAN – and you are about to be married to the girl of your dreams? Let’s find out…

Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is about to walk down the aisle with his fiancé’ Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco – Sweeting). With all the wedding planning going on, Gretchen is becoming nervous over the fact that Doug has yet to produce any groomsmen for their BIG DAY.

Forced to come up “Imaginary Friends” after exhausting all other options, Doug reaches out to Jimmy Callaghan (Kevin Hart). a.k.a…. fictional friend BiC MITCHEM to help him, as Jimmy makes his fortune by standing in as your BEST MAN.

When Doug explains that he really has NO FRIENDS, Jimmy is forced to find 7 groomsman that can also fill in for the day? But where to you find that many guys who are willing to be pretend friends?

Securing enough guys to get Gretchen off Doug’s back, Jimmy sets out to make sure that there are no blips in making Doug’s wedding day the best it can be – because Doug is paying him the BIG BUCKS to produce just that.

Jimmy keeps clarifying to Doug that they will never BE FRIENDS, not in a Friendly kind of way, as Jimmy is a professional, and once the wedding is over, so is their friendship….

Will Jimmy be able to pull of his BIGGEST WEDDING EVER? Will Jimmy convince Doug that they really are not friends – and never WILL BE! Will Doug be able to convince Gretchen that these “misfits of mayhem” really are his REAL FRIENDS? Or will Jimmy and Doug come to find that you really have nothing in this world, if you don’t have someone to lean on???

I give THE WEDDING RINGER a B: Gad and Hart are just as perfect together as you expect them to be – as their real-life friendship is conveyed in every frame of this film.   I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ken Howard playing the Father of the Bride, and Cloris Leachman showing up as the Grandmother of the Bride too – she is absolutely perfect! I also must share that I was very pleasantly surprised to see how Gad and Hart kept their parts from getting too over-the-top, as I was anticipating them just going all-out crazy togetherbut they didn’t – which made for a much better film in my estimation. But, let me be clear, don’t think for one minute that they didn’t go over the edge of good taste with some of the material, because of course they did! All-in–all, THE WEDDING RINGER Is one very funny movie that will keep you in stitches the whole way through – which is a good thing – because its time to move on from the seriousness of last year’s films…I’m ready to get happy again, aren’t you???

Kathy Kaiser