From the man who brought us HEAT, THE INSIDER and PUBLIC ENEMIESMichael Mann – comes a tale of espionage and intrigue in cyberspace with his latest film – BLACK HAT.

FBI agents Henry Pollack (John Ortiz) and Carol Barrett (Viola Davis) are forced to join forces with Chinese cyberspace expert and Informant Chen Dewai (Leehom Wang), to try to solve a cyber-terrorist attack in China, crippling a nuclear power plant.

Chen decides that he needs reinforcements to help him, so he brings along his sister Lien Chen (Wei Tang) and convinces the feds to spring his friend and the #1 hacker and decoder EVER from jail – Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth). As Chen is working feverishly on stopping these mad men from inflicting another attack somewhere in the world, Nick and Lien have found that all this working together has brought them closer than either of them was expecting.

When Nick and Chen finally figure out who is hacking into the networks and causing these terrorist attacks – and that code they had written back in college is part of the program – they must fight not only these criminals, but both the American and Chinese governments to stop these attacks once and for all…

I give BLACK HAT a D: I am sorry to say that this film did absolutely NOTHING for me. From the bad supporting acting, to the bad cinematography, to the been-there – seen-that feel of the storyline, BLACK HAT was as flat as it gets. Hemsworth was by far the only strong performance in this film, but not even his piercing blue eyes can save it. Viola Davis wasn’t given enough good material to leave her mark on this film either, which was so sad, because I usually really enjoy her work. And I know that Michael Mann was trying to give this film the same feel of his other thrillers, but the digital cinematography with his constantly moving camera just made for too many scenes that were fuzzy and unfocused for me. It’s been a long time since I gave out this type of review, but for me, BLACK HAT has been one of the worst films I have seen in a very long time.

Kathy Kaiser

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