BLENDED – Rated PG 13

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore join forces again – along with a few of Sandler’s entourage – as they bring to life the comedic family drama – BLENDED.

Lauren (Drew Barrymore) is a new divorcee’ who decides to go out on a blind date set up by her friend and partner of their company CLOSET QUEENS, Jen (Wendi McLendon-Covey).   Just like most blind dates, Jim (Adam Sandler) seems to be nice at first, but the more they interact – and he flirts with the HOOTERS girls – Lauren is less than impressed and wants to get back home to her children as fast as possible.

Vowing to never attempt the blind date thing again, Lauren focuses on her business and lives of her two boys, Brendan (Braxton Beckham) and Tyler (Kyle Red Silverstein), as their absent father Mark (Joel McHale) always has something more important to do than to attend to his boys.  Trying to be the BEST MOM EVER, Lauren is thrown when she discovers Brendan’s porn stash, a centerfold confirming his love for their babysitter, as her face is plastered over the face of the centerfold.  In her disgust and rage over what she has just found, she rips the centerfold to shreds, but then regrets her decision, as she has just infringed upon her son’s privacy.

Wanting to right her wrong of trespassing in Brendan’s things, Lauren heads to the drug store to try to find another magazine to replace the centerfold, before her son finds out.   As luck would have it, Jim is at the drug store too, trying to pick up feminine hygiene products for his eldest daughter Hilary (Bella Thorne), as Jim is a widow trying to raise three daughters on his own.   Even though Lauren despises Jim almost as much as he loathes her, she enquires to see if Jim might know what magazine she is in search of, as she has taped backed together the centerfold.  Luck strikes yet again, when Jim can tell Lauren exactly which magazine has the centerfold she needs, since he apparently is an expert on girlie magazines.  Since Jim has just saved her “you know what”, Lauren is willing to purchase the FHP’s for Jim, to return the favor.

When the clerk gives Jim the wrong credit card, he is now faced with returning it to retrieve his own.  As he is being badgered by his presence at Lauren’s home by both Lauren and her friend Jen, Jen explains that she has had to turn down an opportunity to travel with her new boyfriend and HIS FIVE CHILDREN to Africa on vacation, as she was not aware of his FAMILY SITUATION, and cannot stand children.  Lauren begs Jen to talk to her boyfriend about her family taking their place, as she desperately wants to take her boys on vacation, but can’t afford to.  When Jim realizes that the boyfriend is also his boss, he too tries to secure this fantastic family vacation for him and his girls.  When both families arrive in Africa for the same FAMILY VACA……no one, including the kids, are too happy about this situation.

Will Lauren and Jim try to make the most of this situation, or will they kill one another before they can return home?  Will Lauren’s sons and Jim’s girls find each other as repulsive to one another as their parents seem to find one another?  Or will Lauren’s presence with Jim’s girls and Jim’s presence in the lives of Lauren’s boy’s be “just what the doctor ordered” to make a difference in each families lives.

I give BLENDED a B- :  Barrymore and Sandler are even more endearing together than they were in THE WEDDING SINGER, as the family dynamic and chemistry they have for each other on screen plays out yet again.  The storyline works well too, as you find yourself rooting for both parents as they try to make the best lives they can for their children, but seem to fall short in the absence of their partners.  There are also some very funny one-liners and classic scenes that everyone watching will enjoy.  The only character that seemed to be off for me throughout the film was the Jamaican speaking (even though they are in AFRICA) Entertainer and tour guide Nickens (played by Terry Crews), whose bug-eyes and hip thrusting throughout seemed absolutely ridiculous to me….I’m just saying…….  If you want to see a family-friendly film on DVD this holiday weekend that will have you laughing hysterically one minute, yet crying the next, pick up a copy of BLENDED….you won’t be sorry!

Kathy Kaiser



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