The November Man


Australian born Director Roger Donaldson sets out to bring the Bill Granger Book “There Are No Spies” to life with his new film – THE NOVEMBER MAN.

As we meet Veteran CIA Agent Peter Devereaux (Played by former 007 Pierce Brosnan), he is still reeling from a botched job many years ago, due to his rash and irresponsible tactics, which also involved his protégé’ David Mason (Luke Bracey).  Devereaux leaves the CIA and is now living the comfortable life, owning a seaside café, which is far from the craziness of his past, and he likes it that way! 

When he is contacted by his previous CIA operative/boss Hanley (Bill Smitrovich), Devereaux is caught off guard, as the last thing he wants to do is return to his previous life.  Hanley explains that they need his expertise in extracting a fellow agent from her present mission – serving the top Soviet Russian President elect Arkady Federov (Lazar Ristovski) – as he is one super bad dude!  Devereaux still isn’t biting, until Hanley explains that the agent’s that is in trouble, has both our own CIA and the Russian’s out to kill her, as she knows way too much…..

Hot on the trail to save Alice (Olga Kurylenko), Deavereaux finds himself being followed by none other than “the #1 Assassin he has ever trained – his friend turned foe – David Mason.  As their Cat and Mouse game heats up, and Devereaux is hell bent on saving “the girl” – isn’t that what all good spies do J – Mason is hell bent on taking out the “old  man” once and for all!

When Mason uncovers the “Achilles heel” that might just be the way to take down Devereaux for good, he shares the information with his boss, as a way to prove he is totally in on taking out his mentor.  But now it seems that the lines of who is good and who is bad are getting blurrier by the minute – as who is good and who is bad is changing by the second on both fronts….

Is Devereaux still the elite agent and spy he once was?  Will he be able to save Alice from both the CIA and Federov’s agents?  Or will Alice decide to take out Federov herself, as she has a personal score to settle from his behavior many years ago? And will Mason be able to take out Devereaux, or will his mentor’s abilities prove to be way beyond his own?

I give THE NOVEMBER MAN an B+:  I was excited to see Pierce Brosnan back on the big screen playing a James-Bond-like- character, as He is absolutely my number two pick for that role (No one can hold a candle to Connery).  I also enjoyed the espionage and intrigue of this film, as it definitely kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat the whole way through.  I was also impressed by the entire cast, as Bracey and Kureylenko are perfect in their roles, and so is Smitrovich, playing the operative that plays on both sides of this game!  Once again the Russians are the “bad guys” who are raping youngsters and trying to take over the world –I’m thinking that Hollywood might want to pick another nationality to portray as the “bad guys” for a while with what is really going on in our world –- but the American’s vs. the Russian’s seems to be the pick almost every time for these type of films. 

If you are looking for a date night film this holiday weekend – this one might be just the ticket to keep everyone happy – as the guys who have been patiently waiting to see the next installment for 007, Bourne or Mission Impossible can get their “SPY FIX”, while your date can feast their eyes on a slightly older, yet still suave and debonair Brosnan – plus Bracey isn’t too bad on the eyes either – so grab your significant other and head out to see THE NOVEMBER MAN at a theater near you – it will be a win/win for everyone – I promise 🙂

Kathy Kaiser

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