RIDE ALONG – Rated PG-13

Who doesn’t love a good cop movie?  What is better than a ride along with your partner? But what if your partner isn’t really your partner at all….he’s the no good looser that your sister thinks she loves, but you know better!  Welcome to RIDE ALONG!

Meet Ben Barber (Kevin Hart), the video game loving, security guard, who happens to live with the love of his wife Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter).  Ben wants to marry Angela, but is waiting for the right moment to ask her brother James (Ice Cube), for his blessing on their union.

James cannot stand Ben, and of course he thinks he isn’t worthy of his sister.  When James finds out Ben has applied to join the police academy, James figures there is no better time than the present to show him that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a cop, or take care of his sister.  James sets up a RIDE ALONG for Ben to join him on, so he can get a feel for what a normal day in the life an Atlanta Cop is really like.

Ben is ecstatic, knowing that this is the life for him, taking out criminals and making the streets of Atlanta safer.  Little does he know that James has a few tricks up his sleeve, setting them both up for the perfect 126 calls throughout their day. What is a 126 call you ask?  Sorry, you are going to have to see the movie……a good reviewer never tells too much!

Will James prove to Ben that he doesn’t have what it takes to be on the force?  Will Ben show James that in fact, he is worthy of becoming a cop and taking care of his sister Angela? Or will they both perish on the job, going after the mean and nasty Omar?

I give RIDE ALONG a B- – I have to admit, having seen such awesome cop duos as Hanks and Akroyd, Tatum and Hill, Russell and Stallone, Nolte and Murphy, and my favorites Smith & Lawrence – you know those BAD BOYS – I was expecting to go into RIDE ALONG and want to ride right on out of the theater – but to my surprise – the cop duo of Hart and Cube ended up being not only funny, but ultimately hilarious, as they are perfect together!  Kevin Hart’s play off his small stature makes for enough funny moments in itself, but the combination of him and Ice Cube not only brings some endearing and heart-warming scenes to the screen, but absolutely enjoyable craziness that you will enjoy from beginning to end!  Of course, they will never fill the place of Smith & Lawrence in my heart, but it was an enjoyable movie just the same.  If you are wanting to see a film that is down right hilarious – and we haven’t seen many of those in a LONG TIME – .go pick up a copy of RIDE ALONG ….it’s a must see……….copy that!

Kathy Kaiser

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