GRAVITY – Rated PG-13

Alfonso Cuarón, whose previous credits include directing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, serves as both writer and director of his latest creation – GRAVITY.

Working in Space on the Explorer mission, Astronaut Matt Kawalski (George Clooney) is making his way about the universe – hot dogging it up – as what else would GEORGE CLOONEY do, as the Medical Engineer on board the flight, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is busy trying to repair a message board on their spacecraft high above the earth.

When the Russians decide to shoot down one of their own satellite’s in space, Mission Control (voiced by Ed Harris), warn the astronaut’s to make hast – and get the hell out of Dodge – as debris from this satellite is heading in their direction.

Always the perfectionist, Stone decides to continue her course of action, not returning to the shuttle as commanded.  When debris from the satellite starts invading their air space, Stone is sent into orbit via of piece of the shuttle that she is attached to.  Always “Mr. Cool” – Kawalski talks her into not losing her cool and helps her find her way in the darkness of the great unknown.

Making their way back to the ship – which has been annihilated by debris – they find that they are alone and in need of some definite assistance, but from where?  Contact has been knocked out from Houston, as these two comrades find themselves left with one last hope – enough air and fuel in Kawalski’s fuel pack to get them to the Space Station floating somewhere near by……

Will Kawalski and Stone both make it to the Space Station?  Will there be any other survivors left on Explorer? Or will Stone be left to take on their journey – ALONE IN SPACE?

I give GRAVITY an A:  The cinematography of this movie is incredible – if you have ever imagined what life would be like traveling in space – imagine no more – as GRAVITY takes you on a journey you have never experienced before.   The story line is also a no-holds – barred ride of tragedy, suspense and everything in between.  GRAVITY will grab you as you live the lives of these Astronaut’s – literally!

Even though  a few things that take place seem to be made of HOLLYWOOD MAGIC – or – seem incorrect as they would actually happen when on an actual mission –they are few and far between  & don’t really stand out –  unless you are looking for them!

I also believe that Bullock may have just set herself up for another Academy Award nod, as she is incredible as Dr. Ryan Stone.

Suffice to say – I am definitely suggesting you check out GRAVITY – If you love space or Bullock or Clooney for that matter – get ready for a cinematic masterpiece!

Kathy Kaiser 

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