3 DAYS TO KILL – Rated PG-13


3 DAYS TO KILL – Rated PG-13

Screenwriters Adi Hasak (From Paris with Love) & Luc Besson (Taken, The Fifth Element, From Paris with Love) have joined forces once again to collaborate with Director McG, to bring to the BIG SCREEN – 3 DAYS TO KILL.

We find ourselves thrust into the chaotic life of Secret Service Agent Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner).  Having been a part of the agency for years, Ethan has decided that he is on his last assignment, wanting to refocus on his life with daughter Zoey (Hailee Steinfeld), and his e-wife Christina (Connie Nielsen) who he hasn’t seen in years. 

When Ethan finds out that his days are numbered, literally, with his Cancer diagnosis, he decides that he is finished, even before the assignment is over.

Enter Vivi Delay (Amber Heard), the new person in charge of the case, who knows of Ethan’s imminent demise, and just happens to have a life prolonging serum at her disposal that she will give him, if, and only if, he will help her finish the job.

What is Ethan to do?  He has promised his wife and daughter that he is no longer working for the Secret Service……but now he has the ability to extend his life with them if he returns…….

Will Ethan focus his attention on his daughter, who is not making the best choices in her life at this very moment?  Will Ethan help Vivi rid the world of both THE ALBINO and THE WEREWOLF to secure the serum to keep him alive?  Will he make immense with his ex-wife, or destroy their relationship for good, going back to work for the Secret Service?  And will Ethan live or die from the serum that Vivi is willing to make at his disposal?

I give 3 DAYS TO KILL a B- :  I was so happy to see Kevin Costner back on the big screen, as I have loved him for years.   The Secret Service agent gig is right up his alley, as is the portrayal of the disheartened family man, realizing too late that he should have been with his family all along.  But other aspects of the film just didn’t play out for me – like the characters of the ALBINO and the WEREWOLF – really guys; we couldn’t have come up with more genuine names than that for the bad guys!  And Amber Heard tried desperately to play the mean and bitchy Vivi Delay – but her acting isn’t good enough to go opposite Costner at all!  Yes, she is gorgeous, but I was hoping for so much more from her.  I also wished while watching the film that we could have focused on either the ACTION Scenes of the FAMILY DYNAMIC scenes for more than 10 minutes at a time – there is so much back and forth between the two elements, that they become totally disjointed throughout the film – you find yourself wondering – okay, where are we now???  Don’t get me wrong, both elements were enjoyable; I just wish that they could have given them both more depth and cohesiveness along the way.  If you love action and Costner, you will want to catch 3 Days to Kill at a theater near you…..if not, you may want to wait till it comes out on DVD or pay-per-view……just my two cents worth.

Kathy Kaiser


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