Director John Ridley – The man who has brought to the Big Screen Blade Runner, Alien, Black Hawk Down and Prometheus, has teamed with Writer Cormac McCarthy – known for such films as No Country for Old Men and The Road to bring us their latest creative endeavor – THE COUNSELOR.

The Counselor (Michael Fassbender) has decided to join forces with a few of his closest pals, and acquaintances – including the suave and smooth business owner Reiner (Javier Bardem) and the rough and tumble Texan Westray (Brad Pitt) who just happens to be tangled up in drug trafficking into the U.S.

As the Counselor falls deeper and deeper in love with his girlfriend and soon to be fiancée Laura (Penelope Cruz), he is also getting deeper into the world of trafficking, which sadly, he knows very little about,even though his bank account seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds.  The Counselor has a chance meeting with Reiner’s sexy girlfriend Malkina (Cameron Diaz), and something about this woman makes him very uneasy.  When the Counselor starts to question Reiner about his relationship with Malkina, Reiner discloses some sexually promiscuous tales about his girlfriend, some of which make Reiner uneasy about her too – go figure!  As everyone’s world seems to be turning upside down, and one by one, they are being set up – it seems – but by whom?

Will the Counselor be able to save himself and his beloved Laura from this terrible world he has drug them into (no pun intended!)?   Will Reiner and Malkina continue to foster their very different kind of love affair?  Will Westray figure out what is going on, only to be given the same fatal sentence as the rest of his comrades in crime?  And who is the mastermind pulling all the strings for the “Person in Charge” of all this mess?

I give the Counselor a C-:  Right out of the gate I was hoping for a phenomenal flick, considering it was Ridley Scott Directing – and I adore most of the work of almost all of the actors in this film – but this film was a surprise of epic proportion – and not in a good way!

First off, some of the dialogue is so garbled, you can’t really understand what they are trying to say.  Secondly, there are gaping holes in the storyline that needed to be filled in to keep the viewer from asking “but what about……?”  In almost every other frame.  And Lastly, without spoiling too much about the film……….How does the Counselor get himself so mixed up in the underground world of Drugs and the cartel, and not know what he is embarking upon –REALLY???!!!

Sadly, I wouldn’t say that THE COUNSELOR is a must see – because for me – with the exception of a little eye candy here or there – the film just left me feeling empty inside…..and wanting to go see a pick-me-up film as fast as I could…..

Kathy Kaiser

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