TOP GUN: MAVERICK – Rated PG-13 – 2 hrs. 11 mins

DIRECTOR:  Joseph Kosinski

WRITERS:  Jim Cash, Jacks Epps Jr, Peter Craig

STARRING:  Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm, Charles Parnell Glen Powell, and Ed Harris

The first Summer Blockbuster of 2022 has finally arrived, and if you loved the original TOP GUN film, then you are in for a fabulous joy ride, filled with a new cast of characters, and of course, a few of the characters we fell in love with from 1986 too, starting with my favorite, Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), as he hits the skies once again, on his terms, proving that not even the Navy’s Rear Admiral (Ed Harris) can keep him grounded, no matter how hard he tries!

When Maverick’s new assignment, per Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky’s orders (Val Kilmer), puts him in a classroom filled with the Navy’s latest elite Pilots, Maverick is given no choice but to teach these youngsters everything he knows about the triumphs, and pitfalls of flying…

And as with any class full of wisecracking pilots extraordinaire, Maverick’s work is cut out for him, especially when he is charged with selecting only the best of the best, for the Navy’s next big assignment.

Struggling with his own ambitions as always, and the fact that an old love interest, Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly) is still inhabiting the local watering hole near base, it seems that Maverick is going to have to come to terms with a lot more in his life than the basic question everyone is constantly asking, which is “how in the world can a guy with all of his incredible aviation skills, still be a lowly Captain”??? And for the answer to that question my friends, you are going to have to catch this film this weekend!

I give TOP GUN: MAVERICK a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN / 5 out of 5:  I know the question on everyone’s mind is… is TOP GUN: MAVERICK worth the wait we were all forced to endure since 2019, first with the pushback of having to film additional action sequences for the perfect “in the cockpit kind of feel” for this film, and then an additional couple pushbacks for release due to COVID???  Oh, my dear friends, it most certainly IS!!!  Tom Cruise steps right back into this roll, just as if he has inhabited this character full throttle since we last saw him in 1986!  And it’s very impressive too, the way that Director Kosinski, and writer Peter Craig have incorporated the ambiance of the first film, bringing along just enough of its nostalgia, to enhance the characters of Maverick, Ice Man, and Goose along the way, while also bringing us a new storyline that is not only plausible, but as exciting and action packed as it can get!!!  And without giving away any spoilers here, please let me share too that even my girlfriend Jessie, who was in the Air Force for over 20 years, was totally moved by how realistic the aviation sequences all throughout this film are!  Her reaction after seeing the advanced screening with me, just went to prove how impactful and exciting TOP GUN: Maverick truly is, the whole way through!  This film is absolutely one of those Summer Blockbuster films from days gone by, that you must see on the biggest screen you can find, and no other way!!

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