Written and Directed by award winning Director, and St. Louis Native Joseph Puleo, THE LAST LITTLE ITALY: THE HILL, is a sight to behold, as this fabulous Documentary takes you deep into the history and perseverance that the Italian immigrants who settled here many moons ago, continue to foster today for their community, nestled in heart of St. Louis.

Told by many of the people who grew up, used to reside, or still presently reside on the Hill, you encounter a first-hand view of how their Italian immigrant families fought to build their future here, and who remain steadfast in keeping their community alive and well.

Whether you find yourself as taken in as I was with the nostalgia that literally exudes from every frame of this film, AMERICA’S LAST LITTLE ITALY: THE HILL, will make you wish you too were Italian, as you experience how heritage, Faith, and love for their community helped to forge the path of these Italian immigrants, looking to secure their own slice of paradise.  This film also takes you down the paths of prejudice and patriotism, which also helped to forge and foster this Italian Community. As you venture through the many days gone by, to the Hill’s present-day existence, you will find that the love of Faith and Familia continues to inhabit this vibrant community, as the Italians who reside here continue to push to maintain and cultivate their incredible community, for further generations.

If you would like to catch this film in its entirety, which I strongly suggest you do, please look for it on Amazon Prime @,

or you can also purchase it on DVD for inclusion in your own Documentary collection at

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