I’m YOUR WOMAN – Rated R – 2 hrs.

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I’M YOUR WOMAN – Rated R – 2 hrs.

DIRECTOR: Julia Hart

WRITERS: Julia Hart, Jordan Horowitz

STARRING: Rachel Brosnahan, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Arinze Kene, Bill Heck and Marceline Hugot

As we drop into the nostalgia of the 1970’s, we meet the beautiful yet kept Jean (Rachel Brosnahan), longing to have a baby, although it looks like that life change just isn’t in the cards. When her criminal underworld hubby Eddie (Bill Heck), just happens to walk through the door with a new little bundle of joy in his arms…it seems that Jean’s dismal existence, and her longing to be a mother, might just have turned around…

Now, as Eddie’s world seems to get get totally out of control, Jean and her new son need to get out of town as fast as possible, as she is forced to leave with one of Eddie’s past employees Cal (Arinze Kene), as he tries to find a place suitable to keep Jean and her little one safe, for the time being…

When the first place they inhabit turns out to be unsafe rather quickly, Cal has no choice but to venture to the country with Jean and baby Harry in tow, as he can’t blow the one thing he’s been instructed to do, which is keep Jean safe.

Enter Cal’s wife Teri (Marsha Stephanie Blake), with her own son and Father in tow, as they are now all held up with Jean, hoping to keep her safe from all the madmen that seem to be after Eddie. As Teri and Jean start to form a bond being together, as most women do, Jean finally finds out why Teri is so engaged in her life, her son, and her safety too…

I give I’M YOUR WOMAN a rating of 3 out of 5 Stars! Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Patriots Day, The Finest Hours) is fantastic, playing the naive one minute, and kick ass the next heroine in this Amazon Prime Original release. I was also super pumped to see that Writer/Director Julia Hart had written a crime drama that was centrally focused on the female characters this time around, as Marsha Stephanie Blake (Orange is the New Black, The Laundromat) is totally superb in her role as the wife of a mobster too, throughout this film. And even though there were times when I wanted our storyline to speed up just a little, it still managed to keep me engaged and looking forward to the suspense of what was about to happen throughout, and for me, those minutes of great anticipation are crucial for a film of this genre. Another fabulous attribute to this film for me, is all the nostalgia that seems to be injected into every inch of it too, as it draws me back to my childhood, and the fabness of the 1970’s. Brosnahan brings to the screen a very believable performance as you watch her go from the dotting and rather alouf young wife, into a woman that finally becomes totally engaged in her life, as she manages to find a way to not only take care of herself and her baby, but to take care of those around her that she cares about too. But with all these accolades, I must share too, that if you are hoping for I’M YOUR WOMAN to become the next mobster movie that can contend with the likes of CASINO, GOODFELLA’S, THE DEPARTED, or my ultimate favorite THE GODFATHER Part II, sadly it isn’t quite of the caliber of these classics either, but it’s still worth taking the 2 hours to see Brosnahan and Blake make the most of the unfortunate situations, that they are both dealt…

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