THE GLORIAS – Rated R – 2 hrs. 19 mins.

“Steeped in her past, as she ventured on a quest to change the future, this film will take you on a journey that will open your eyes to the dynamic Activist, and Crusader for Women’s rights, Ms. Gloria Steinem” Kathleen Kaiser,

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off…”

THE GLORIAS – Rated R – 2 hrs. 19 mins.


WRITER:  Sarah Ruhl, based on the Book “My Life on the Road” by Gloria Steinem

STARRING:  Alicia Vikander, Julianne Moore, Janelle Monae, Bette Midler, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Lulu Wilson, Enid Graham and Timothy Hutton

Alicia Vikander (as Gloria Steinem), Monica Sanchez (as Dolores Huerta) and Janelle Monáe (as Dorothy Pitman Hughes) in THE GLORIAS
Photo Credit: Dan McFadden
Courtesy of LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions
Julianne Moore (as Gloria Steinem) and Bette Midler (as Bella Abzug) in THE GLORIAS
Courtesy of LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions
Alicia Vikander (as Gloria Steinem) and Janelle Monáe (as Dorothy Pitman Hughes) in THE GLORIAS
Courtesy of LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions

THE GLORIAS takes us on a journey into the life of Journalist, Activist and Women’s Rights Crusader, Gloria Steinem (Alicia Vikander/Julianne Moore), from her poor and downtrodden days as a young girl, as her salesman father (Timothy Hutton) can’t quite seem to settle down and leave his family in one place for very long, as he cooks up scheme, after scheme to keep their family afloat.   And sadly, all of this uncertainty plays into Gloria’s Mother’s (Enid Graham) crippling depression, destroying any semblance of self-esteem that she may have garnered in her own earlier life as a journalist, while dismantling their family too, in the process.  But as her family unravels, it seems that Gloria has enough of her father’s “love for the road”, and “making the most of life” flowing through her veins, that she manages to find her “one true love” in this life, even beyond her own journalistic career, fighting for women’s rights, not only here in the US, but throughout the world…

I give THE GLORIAS a rating of MUST SEE ON PRIME VIDEO THIS WEEKEND!  Emotionally charged and invigorating to watch too, The Glorias will strike a chord in the heart of any woman watching, as Writer/Director Julie Taymor brings Steinem’s life to the small screen, unleashing the power and struggle for women’s rights, and bringing it to the forefront of our society once more.  Alicia Vikander’s performance as Steinem is definitely award worthy throughout this film, as she channels the stronger, younger, and more vibrant activist, just catching her stride in her quest to change our world for women everywhere.   Julianne Moore’s smaller, yet still significant contribution to this film is good too, I just felt that Vikander’s performance outshines Moore’s throughout this biographical journey.  And as engrossed as I became with the storyline playing out on screen, following the formation of a cultural icon from little on, I wished that when the graphically stylized moments of the film came about, Taymor would have stayed away from these rather unconventional film moments, and continued with her detailed depiction of Steinem’s life, and career, as for me, it actually took away from the story line itself.  I must also give a shout out to youngsters Ryan Keira Armstrong and Lulu Wilson too, as their portrayals of young Gloria, were picture perfect as well.  And even though I found myself wanting to strangle Gloria’s father for the aloof way he treated her mother, Hutton’s performance this time around, shines throughout as well.  And whether you adore her, or abhor her, and her views on women’s rights, I think that it’s important for women everywhere to take in this film on the life of Ms. Gloria Steinem this weekend on Prime Video, and remember that this particular biography was crafted while she is still here ~ 86 years young, and still going strong ~ as it may just give you the passion, and ambition to continue to fight for the rights of your fellow Americans too, as our society still tries to achieve equality and “justice for all”…

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