KAJILLIONAIRE – Rated R – 1 hr. 45 minutes

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KAJILLIONAIRE – Rated R – 1 hr. 45 minutes


STARRING:  Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Gina Rodriquez

As we venture into the dysfunctional dynamic of this rather peculiar family, and their dire circumstances, we meet Father Robert (Richard Jenkins), Mother Theresa (Debra Winger) and their daughter Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), as it seems that their days are filled with making a living by stealing, but in rather unconventional and underhanded ways…

Presently finding themselves poorer and more destitute than usual, Old Dolio comes up with a plan to help raise enough money to pay their back rent, as they all decide to embark on this proposed excursion, in an attempt to get their lives back on track…

While pulling off this latest scheme, they happen upon a beautiful, and also rather destitute young lady named Melanie, who seems to not only be drawn to their “out of this world” philosophies on life, but also their rather scheming ways of how to make a living…

But as Old Dolio soon finds, Melanie’s presence in their lives has her mother and father swooning all over this new person in their lives, leaving Old Dolio feeling discontented, and resentful of the new “family dynamic” that is forming, as she is being pushed aside to make  room for her parents to have “more Melanie” in their lives…

I give KAJILLIONAIRE a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM on NETFLIX or other STREAMING SERVICE!  I was very much looking forward to catching this new Indie creation, Written and Directed by Miranda July, as the concept, and the fabulous seasoned actors she secured, including Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger, had me very much intrigued from the release of the first trailer I viewed.  I was also very excited to see Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood, and Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriquez, take on their rolls in this big screen production too.  But sadly, the excitement ended quite quickly for me once I started viewing this rather quirky, and sometimes bland film unfold, as I found myself not really sold on any aspect as this storyline plays out, with the exception of how I was totally blown away by Debra Wingers character and portrayal, because if you didn’t know going in that it was her behind the stoic persona of this out of touch Mother, you definitely wouldn’t know that it’s her.  Jenkins portrayal this time around doesn’t feel up to snuff with some of his previous roles either, as I just adored him in films like Rumor Has It, and The Shape of Water.  And as storylines go, I knew going in this one was different, but I just couldn’t find a connection at all with what was playing out on screen, bringing my own discontentment to the surface, as I had hoped to find a way to engage with this quirky and dysfunctional family dynamic,  But it just didn’t happen, leading me to suggest that if you are wanting to catch a film that is as they say “out of the box” every step of the way, then you might want to catch this film when its hits on your small screen at home a few weeks from now, rather than heading out to a theater near you, with your mask in hand.    But, if you enjoy Indie films that incorporate great actors, with material that tells a story that is probably different than what you’ve experienced before, then by all means don’t let me stop you from heading to The Hi-Pointe Theater or Landmark’s Plaza Frontenac Cinema to catch this rather peculiar film, as you might decide that my perception is totally off base, and you personally totally enjoyed it!  And if that happens to be the case once you’ve viewed it, please share your thoughts with me too, as I always enjoy hearing other perspectives on films, I’ve reviewed at matineechat.com.

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