THE INVISIBLE MAN – Rated R – 2 hrs. 4 mins.

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“Intensely intriguing and suspenseful the whole way through!  The INVISIBLE MAN is a definite MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN! – Kathy Kaiser, Matineechat

THE INVISIBLE MAN – Rated R – 2 hrs. 4 mins.

DIRECTOR/WRITER:  Leigh Whannell

STARRING:  Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid and Michael Dorman

As we venture into the life of Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss), she has finally figured out a way to escape her narcissistic and controlling husband Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), and not a moment too soon…

Now, as Cecilia tries to get a grasp on reality, and distinguish the fear that Adrian will find her, no matter how hard she tries to hide…word comes that apparently Adrian has committed suicide, freeing her of this nightmare, once and for all.

And now, even in death it seems that Adrian has the ultimate control, as he has devised an ingenious way to torture Cecilia from the great beyond, and her friends and family too, giving her no choice but to come up with her own masterful plan, to expose this total creeper, and his game of playing “the invisible man” too…

I give THE INVISIBLE MAN a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  Okay, I have to admit right away that I was heading into this film thinking, there’s no way I am going to enjoy this film, it’s billed as a horror movie first off, and how many times can we remake a film inspired by H. G. Wells legendary novel, both in 1933 and again in 1984, but I have to tell you, I was so glad that I decided to cast these thoughts to the wind, and to take in this fabulously mind-blowing film!

Moss is absolute perfection playing the lead in this classic tale, brought to life again, but this time with a 21st century spin.  Her acting impresses me more and more with each new film project she takes on, as she was by far the shining light for me in 2019’s The Kitchen as well, playing opposite Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish.  But, make no mistake that this time around, this film is entirely hers’ from start to finish, not only because the psychotic creep she is fighting against is invisible 95% of the time, but because as this new storyline plays out ~ it’s from her point of view ~ not the optic illusionist that is stalking her, turning the tides on the other films, that focused more on the scientist, than on his victim.  And as you watch Moss literally brought to the brink of madness by her perpetrator, even though he is not apparent to the naked eye, you can’t help but be drawn into this woman’s existence, and fears, more and more, as this fabulous film plays out.   I was also amazed by the supporting performances, which totally enhanced Moss’s creativity I felt too, whether it be from Harriet Dyer, who plays her mostly supportive sister, or by Aldis Hodge, playing the protective cop role, but who questions Cecilia’s notions, just the same as everyone else.  This film is extremely intense and intriguing, as you feel yourself literally drawn to what is happening to this poor woman, at the hands of her self-prophesized perpetrator.  The Invisible Man is actually one of the best suspense movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in quite some time, but if you are a horror movie buff, I must share too that this one is pretty tame, which was all right by me, but you might find it a little lame! I enjoyed this film so much, that I have to suggest, that whether or not you have enjoyed Writer/Director/Actor Leigh Whannell’s previous work in the SAW or INSIDIOUS Franchises, or you are just trying to decide if you want to see Moss in action on the big screen again, take my word for it when I tell you that you have to head out to catch THE INVISIBLE MAN at a theater near you, as fast as you can.  I mean let’s face it, if this scaredy cat can muster up the nerve to see it, and then thoroughly enjoy it from beginning to end, believe me when I tell you…You will most definitely be singing its praises, when you take a few hours to head to the theater and catch it too!!!

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