Review of BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON – Rated R – 1 hr. and 44 mins.

Brittany runs a marathon poster

“So funny, so real, and so inspiring, you just have to see it on a big screen near you!” Kathy Kaiser,

This Review is brought to you by Kathy Kaiser 

BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON – Rated R – 1 hr. and 44 mins.

DIRECTOR/WRITER:  Paul Downs Colaizzo 

STARRING:  Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins, Alice Lee, Mikah Stock, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Patch Darragh

Have you ever seen a film before that manages to move you to your core, and that’s just as funny, as it is real, with each passing frame?  Well, the Audience Award Winner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is all that, and so much more, as we get the pleasure of venturing into the messed up life of 20-something party girl Brittany (Jillian Bell), always looking for a good time, and a way to escape her rather mundane existence.  Set to liven up her life through chemistry, Brittany seeks to acquire and experience the effects of recreational Adderall, but, much to her dismay, her physician of choice Dr. Falloway (Patch Darragh), isn’t caving into her request of how to make herself feel better.  Instead, he suggests another way, stressing the importance of living a healthier lifestyle, while conveying how much better she would feel in general, if she could manage to get 50 lbs. off her not so large frame.  And how, pray tell, does one manage to get that much weight off, without a gym membership, which Brittany totally can’t afford, or better yet, how do you get the ambition to take on such a monumental task?  Enter her upstairs neighbor, and running enthusiast Catherine (Michaela Watkins), who of course has the perfect body, the perfect disposition, and apparently, an unlimited bank account.  Apparently trying to deal with her own demons too it seems, Catherine finally convinces Brittany to take on the world by joining her running group, where she meets fellow slacker, turned running groupie Seth (Micah Stock). When our newfound companions decide It’s the perfect time for each of them to gain control of their lives, they set out to train to run the New York Marathon.  But even with Brittany pushing everyone to follow the path they set forth with running the Marathon, it seems that she is still in need of some self-introspection along the way, in order to defy all of her insecurities, and emotional baggage, which apparently have nothing to do with her losing a few more pounds…

I give BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHON a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN:  It’s very rare to come across a film that is a true story, and scripted, acted and directed so well, that it manages to move you, without coming across as fake, or contrived, and that my friends is exactly what you are in store for with newcomer Colaizzo’s film, Brittany Runs a Marathon! Comedian Jillian Bell has spread her wings to show us all that she is one heck of a dramatic actress too, as her performance is so superb as Brittany, that it totally transcends all of her previous roles to date. Watkins, Ambudkar and Lee also manage to bring depth to this film in their respective roles, as they all convey a genuineness in this film, that is not only memorable, but moving as well.  Tender, touching and sometimes in-your-face all too real, Brittany Runs A Marathon is one of those uniquely created films, that will manage to not only affect, but totally inspire each and every person who gets the opportunity to view it, regardless of where you are peon your own life’s journey.  There is truly not one scene within this perfectly crafted film that you cannot relate to in one way or another, either from a point of reference earlier in life, or as for me, as I personally shed a tear of two when it came way too close to my present existence, so be prepared for to possibly shed a tear or two along the way as well!  Just know that from its comedic laughs to its heart-wrenching realities of life, Brittany Runs a Marathon is the definite “Must See” film this weekend, even with its limited release here locally, so just plan on taking that 30 minute drive to see this awesomely fabulous film, and I promise you, you won’t be sorry!

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