BLADERUNNER 2049 – Rated R – 2 hrs 43 mins.

Bladerunner 2049

BLADERUNNER 2049 – Rated R – 2 hrs 43 mins.

Starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista, and Ana de Armas 

As we venture into the future of our world, new Blade Runner K (Ryan Gosling), has unearthed a part of the past, that new creator Niander Wallace (Jared Leto), and Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright) would like to keep under wraps…as unleashing what K has found, will lead to absolute destruction of their world…

Following his instructions from Lt. Joshi, and finding more questions than answers as he continues to search for clues, K finds no other alternative, than to seek out previous Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), hoping he can shed some light on what really happened, some 30 years ago…

As the life of replicants vs. humans hangs in the balance, K must find a way to get the truth out of Deckard, before its too late…

I give BLADERUNNER 2049 a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD! Having thoroughly enjoyed the science fiction thriller that Ridley Scott created back in 1982, I knew Director Denis Villeneuve (PRISONERS, SICARIO, ARRIVAL) was going to have to make this film absolutely incredible, if he was going to win me over. Well, he tried really hard, as the twists and turns in the storyline had my attention, along with this film periodically having the same dark and intense feel of its predecessor, but the slow and somewhat stagnating first half of this film, made it really hard to stay engaged. I mean, I’m not complaining that Gosling is in almost every frame of this almost 2.43-hour film. And I loved the dark and sinister character that Leto does once again with sheer perfection. I was even lost in anticipation as to when our original blade runner would appear on screen. But, by the time the action, suspense and storyline finally began to pick up…I was kind of over it already, thus, leading me to suggest ~ If you loved the original film as much as I did, then you owe it to yourself to catch BLADERUNNER 2049 on a BIG SCREEN near you…as you won’t be happy if you don’t experience this film just like you did the original. But, if you weren’t sold on the original, or haven’t had the opportunity to view it, then you may want to make a movie night of it at home and catch the original, and this sequel on your small screen…allowing you to follow along with this storyline…plus allowing for those potty breaks within this films almost 3 hour sequence as well, because take my word for it…there is ample time to take one or two of those at the beginning of this film too…

Kathy Kaiser

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