PARIS CAN WAIT – Rated PG – 1 hr 32 mins

Paris Can Wait

PARIS CAN WAIT – Rated PG – 1 hr 32 mins 

Starring Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin and Arnaud Viard 

Written and Directed by Francis Ford Coppola’s wife of 54 years, 81 year old Eleanor Coppola…we meet high profile Movie Producer Michael (Alec Baldwin), and his beautiful, but not so enamored with him anymore wife Anne (Diane Lane).

Looking forward to traveling to Cannes with her husband, even though Michael spends every waking hour focused on his next film, Anne soon finds herself pining for nothing more than just a minute or two of her hubby’s affection.

When one of his movie mogul friends ~ the suave and debonair Jacques (Arnaud Viard)~ offers to take Anne to Paris, as Michael must be on location by morning, little does Anne know that her life, and her marriage, are about to be turned upside down. Caught up by the worldliness of this exquisite Frenchman when their 7- hour road trip turns into a two-day journey into paradise, Anne must face the reality that this unexpected encounter has literally brought her back to life!

I give PARIS CAN WAIT a rating between WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD or NETFLIX: Intrigued to view this new film by the wife of Academy Award Winning Director Francis Ford Coppola, and wondering throughout if this story, and its characters might be “a bit biographical in nature” of Francis and Eleanor’s life…It still didn’t play out as beautifully as was hoping from its title, and leading actors. Lane’s performance is enjoyable as the wife who gets lost in the craziness of her hubby’s movie business empire. And Baldwin is cast perfectly too, as the totally engrossed movie mogul, forgetting how to focus on anything but his next big film! And Viard is enchanting too, as the Frenchman who sets out to sweep his best friends wife totally off her feet. I even remotely enjoyed a cinematic scene or two viewed awkwardly through the camera lense of Lane’s character along the way, but between the terribly long and drawn-out foodie scenes, and the totally predictable storyline, I wasn’t as enamored as I was hoping I would be with this film. I can’t even suggest you view it on the big screen at your local artistic venue just to pass the time away on a gloomy Sunday afternoon.  Sad too is the fact that I’ve seen both Lane and Baldwin act so much better throughout their careers, thus bringing a rather melancholy feel to this entire viewing experience…

Kathy Kaiser

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