107 Minutes

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich, Gina Rodriquez and Kate Hudson

From Director Peter Berg ~ who has brought us such action packed thrillers as HANCOCK, BATTLESHIP and LONE SURVIVOR ~ comes a real-life thriller about that fateful day ~ April 20, 2010~ when lives were changed forever, and so was the oil drilling industry within this country…this is DEEPWATER HORIZON!

Getting ready to return to the oil-drilling rig that he works on, we meet Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), sad to leave his little girl and beautiful wife Felicia (Kate Hudson) yet again…

Heading out to sea with THE BOSS of the rig, Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell) and drilling expert Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriquez), it seems like it’s going to be just another day in paradise as the crew continues to prepare DEEPWATER HORIZON to bring oil to the surface in a few short months.

When BP execs decide to make a surprise visit to find out why “the unleashing of this beast” is way behind schedule, Harrell, Williams and the rest of the crew try to explain to these morons, that their rig isn’t ready to bring them their precious oil just yet…

Bound and determined to test this rig ~ and everyone’s patience ~ BP exec Vidrine (John Malkovich), is pushing everyone to get this oil flowing, forcing DEEPWATER HORIZON to bring up oil way before she’s ready.

As this premature drilling sequence continues at the order of the heads of BP, it is about to cause an incident of epic proportions ~ thus taking the lives of 11 of DEEPWATER HORIZONS Crew, and causing the biggest oil spill in US history to happen 49 miles off the coast of Louisiana too…

I give DEEP WATER HORIZON a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~From the fabulous acting of it’s entire cast, including Wahlberg, Russell, Malkovich, Hudson, and all the not-so-famous actors brought along to portray this real-life tragedy out on the big screen too…to the extremely intense and graphic scenes of what happened on that fateful day at the hands of the BP Execs on board DEEPWATER HORIZON, this is one true story you absolutely cannot miss!!! And know going in too, if you wanted BP to pay for the lives that were shamefully lost due to their greed over 6 years ago, all those emotions are brought back to the surface watching this film, as you live through the ordeal this brave souls actually went through. Astonishingly for me as well, as I watched this story play out on screen, was the fact that not more of the crew perished, as all this destruction and mayhem ensued. If intense action and real-life depictions are something you love to view, then you have to head out to catch DEEPWATER HORIZON at a theater near you, as this film is the DEFINITE MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND for me!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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