Starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey

As we venture back in to the life of the quirky, demure and positively delightful Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) ~ she is still single ~ and reeling from the demise of her friend and notorious playboy, Daniel (Hugh Grant). When the one true love of her life, Mark (Colin Firth), shows up to also pay his last respects, poor Bridget is crushed to find Mark is now married, although it seems, the feelings they have shared in the past for one another, are still running high

Questioning her own life and not-to-exciting existence, Bridget ventures to a music festival with co-worker and friend Jude (Shirley Henderson), where she happens upon a most gorgeous creature by the name Jack (Patrick Dempsey). Because one encounter with someone this handsome is never enough, Bridget and Jack’s paths cross yet again, and this time, they both feel an attraction that neither can deny, throwing fate and common sense to the wind…

Still trying to come to terms with her single life and the feelings that still linger for Mark, Bridget is blown away, when it seems that her and Mark’s relationship may not just be a thing of the past. Rekindling their relationship, as Mark reassures Bridget his present relationship is over, Bridget and Mark consummate their new relationship, and how!!!

Flash forward a few months, and it seems, Bridget is now about to have a baby ~ question is – which incredible encounter a few months ago is the one that helped her to achieve this blessing so late in this single girls life????

I give BRIDGET JONES’S BABY a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN, BUT YOU MIGHT WANT TO WAIT TO CATCH IT at a CHEAPER MATINEE OR RUSH HOUR VIEWING ~ Zellweger is fab, reprising her role as Bridget, but this time with a more mature outlook on men and life. Firth is fantastic too, reprising his role, as the man from Bridget’s past she just can’t get over. And, who doesn’t want to see more of Patrick Dempsey – regardless if its on a screen big or small. The storyline this time is just as cute and cuddly as always too, as Bridget Jones creator Helen Fielding takes a storyline as old as time ~ woman turns up pregnant but not quite sure WHO’S THE DADDY? ~ and manages to find a way to play this whole scenario out just like its another day in the park for this heroin, that we utterly love, regardless of her circumstances…

Kathy Kaiser

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