WEINER – Rated R


WEINER – Rated R – Documentary

with Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

“A diabolic display of psychological dysfunction, public humiliation and the eschewed moral compass that will plague this man, his marriage and his political career, for the rest of his life….”

Showcased at this year’s SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL – we meet the pompous, arrogant and sometimes volatile ANTHONY WEINER – in the midst of his congressional heyday, having served 7 terms as Representative of New York’s 9th District. But it seems, even with this experience and dedication; his career in politics is railroaded after his “sexting” scandal couldn’t be kept from the light of day on 2011…

Forced to resign after being exposed for his extracurricular activities, even though he told many lies in an attempt to try to keep it all under wraps…Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin, who serves as 1st aide to Presidential Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, make the decision to forge back into the political landscape in 2013, attempting to secure the bid for Wiener to become the Democratic Mayoral Candidate that year.

Having not had enough public or political humiliation it seems, Weiner and Abedin decide to allow Cinematographer and Director Josh Kriegman to cover his Mayoral campaign, bringing to light Weiner’s strengths, his weaknesses, and his wife’s incredible pain, as another sexting incident decides to rear its ugly head during his bid for Mayor as well…

I give WEINER a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ okay, yes, I am a documentary junky…so take that into consideration as you sit there pondering why I would tell you to go pay to see this film…and now…here are the reasons why: Kreigman manages to showcase the multifaceted sides of Politician Anthony Weiner perfectly ~ from his charismatic charms and desire to truly work for the people of his city, to his narcissistic tendencies, to his profound lack of moral judgment, as he watches his wife Huma, and his campaign team face yet another scandal in the public eye. Watching this all play out in screen is like watching a horrific train wreck that you don’t want to witness, but you can’t look away. This film became so poignant for me as I viewed it, that I just wanted to reach through the screen, shake Abedin and ask “WHY OH WHY do you put yourself through this torment at the hands of this selfish and immoral cad…no man is worth this ~NO MAN ~ as you truly feel pain and disbelief on her behalf.   But on the flip side, as you walk the paths of these two enigmatic figures in American politics, you realize that the choices they both make, in some weird cosmic way, may not make sense to you or I, but it must certainly make sense to them, as they try to defy the odds in order to gain a sense of normalcy within the political landscape they both crave to be a part of…

Kathy Kaiser

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