THe Lobster


 Starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz

Grecian Writer and Director Yorgos Lanthimos takes us into a world of dystopian despair for any single that is…but no worries, hope is near, as there is a special Hotel that’s been made especially for you. Within the walls of this “palace” your future mate may reside, but if you haven’t coupled yourself within 45 days of entering this humble abode ~ you must be turned into an animal of your own choosing…oy vey!!!

When divorce’ David (Colin Farrell) finds himself single again, instant dismay settles in, when he is taken to the Hotel for mentioned, seeking a partner during his stay. As the prospects aren’t looking favorable, and it feels like the inevitable may be closing in, David venture into the woods where he must hunt others of his kind, you know, single and without a mate…

As the craziness becomes epic, and David’s new partner completely turns mad, it seems that a new partner, a shortsighted beauty (Rachel Weisz) from the distant woods, may be his perfect match instead. But, will all the perfect matches that seem to be happening, be as dyfunctionally ended, as how they began???

I give THE LOBSTER a rating of: DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ~ Even though I have enjoyed many of Farrell’s films (Horrible Bosses, Seven Psychopaths, Saving Mr. Banks) and Weisz’s films too (The Mummy, Constantine, Definitely, Maybe) over the years, this film came across as an EPIC FAILURE for me.   I know it is written to be an escape from “the norm” but from the perverse dichotomy of the life choices unfolding on screen, to the epic craziness involved in finding your “suitable mate”, to the extraordinary dysfunction that plays out in almost every frame of this film ~ none of it entertained me, in any way, shape of form. So, if you are transfixed by the possibilities that this premise suggests, then by all means head out to see THE LOBSTER and all of its psychological mess ~ but just remember… I warned you before you ventured out upon this quest…

Kathy Kaiser

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