Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Jeff Daniels and Zoe Kravitz

 As we return to the wasteland of Chicago, Tris (Shailene Woodley) is being beckoned from beyond the walls of home, by some strange and intense source…

Joined by the love of her life Four (Theo James) and compaderes Peter (Miles Teller), Christina (Zoe Kravitz), Tori (Maggie Q) and brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort), Tris hatches a plan to escape Chicago.

As they encounter the barren land that lies beyond those walls, Tris and her team wonder if they have made a mistake of epic proportions ~ when ~ unexplainably they are transported into a future realm of existence, that welcomes all with open arms.

Cleansed and branded, everyone awaits what this new home might hold for each of them. When Tris is summoned by Leader David (Jeff Daniels), in a quest to find what makes Tris purer than the rest, although Four isn’t quite sure about this guy, or what his true intentions are with his girl

With promise and conspiracy at every turn, Tris, Four and the entire crew are about to encounter what David’s true intensions are FOR THEM ALL…and the place that they call HOME!!

I give THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT Part 1 a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD ~ Even though this film is better than the last film in the series ~ not too much about it really blew me away. Woodley’s portrayal is exactly what we have experienced from her before – numerous times, but James’s character is more present this time around – aiding his one true love every step of the way. Plus Kravitz and Elgort are seemingly okay in their respective roles as well. The surprise for me is the character flaw that becomes apparent with Teller’s role, which I actually wasn’t expecting…and Daniels popping up as the MAN OF POWER with ulterior motives seems to work in his favor too. We know going in that everyone who has read the books or who has experienced the previous films is going to be flocking to the theaters to catch this next installment, but if you aren’t one of those movie goers, then I think you are safe to wait this one out and catch it on DVD in the comfort of your very own home…

Kathy Kaiser

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