Hello My name is Doris

Starring Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Tyne Daly, Peter Gallagher and Beth Behrs

Welcome to the world of quirkiness and dysfunction – as we meet a woman so wanting to COME OF AGE at her RIPE OLD AGE ~ that she envisions dreams of sex with a younger co-worker – WOO HOO!!!… THIS IS HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS!

Borderline hoarder and romantically challenged, Doris Miller (Sally Field) is about to finally embark on AN ADULT LIFE, after the death of her live-in mother.

After attending a self-help seminar hosted by Willy Williams (Peter Gallagher) with her BFF Roz (Tyne Daly), Doris becomes transfixed on the new Art Director at her office ~ a fine little specimen of a man named John Freemont (Max Greenfield).

Significantly younger, and Super-hot, Doris daydreams of a life finally fulfilled in the arms of this man, who has definitely caught her eye

Unsure of herself in romance, and really unsure of herself IN LIFE too, Doris is sure that the friendly conversations and the excursions she is taking about town with “The man of her dreams”…is sure to turn into the “romantic encounter” she has longed for most of her adult life…

I give HELLO, MY NAME IS DORIS a rating between WAIT AND CATCH IT ON DVD or CATCH THIS ONE OF NETFLIX OR STREAMING ~ Even though I was SUPER EXCITED to catch Field back on the big screen, and was anxious to see her playing opposite one of my favorite actors on NEW GIRL too, this quirky little love affair just wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped it would be going in. Field is cute and somewhat unexpected, playing the I’m a-little-off sort of-cougar, and Maxfield is entertaining too, as the friendly and oh-so-cute younger guy, but even the encounters that take place in Sally’s dreams didn’t really have that SPARK between them I was hoping to see. It was also fun to see Daly back on the big screen too – it has been years since I’ve seen her there, and Behrs taking on this cinematic role was fun to watch too, as she broke away from her TWO BROKE GIRLS gig for a while, but even with these super funny actresses, and a plot twist of getting dating tips from a teenager, HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS just turned out to be nothing more than an AVERAGE ARTISTIC LITTLE FILM for me…

Kathy Kaiser


  1. CineMuse

    I agree. The film has some nice touches and a few laughs, but it also has a sad side to it when you think of the hopeless love fantasy she is lost within. Drop in for a read of my take on it. I’m now a follower too.


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