Starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Phoebe Fox and Alan Rickman

What happens when Allie forces on a secret mission to destroy terrorism in Kenya, find that “doing the right thing” may have dire circumstances for many??? …THIS IS – EYE IN THE SKY!!

England’s Commanding Officer Col. Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) is in the midst of a secret operation to wipe out terrorism in Kenya. When drones in the area uncover #’s 4 & 5 on the MOST WANTED LIST in Kenya, and making moves to congregate, Col Powell reaches out to her Commander, Lt. General Frank Benson (Alan Rickman) for approval to engage and remove the targets.

Dealing with a vast array of opinions on how to proceed with this engagement, Lt. Gen Benson finds himself going up the ladder of command to get approval for this strike…

Also in the midst of this anti-terrorist warfare, we meet pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul), who is new to drone operating ~ although he seems to be getting the hang of it ~ but not without his Navigator Carrie Gershon (Phoebe Fox), who is assisting him with running recognizance in this area too…

As further information surfaces from the ground that the terrorists are preparing to launch a personal artillery attack, both the English and the Americans must decide if is better to STOP THEM NOW, even though there is a chance of taking out a few innocent bystanders – children included – or do they allow the terrorists to possibly take out hundreds of innocent bystanders, once they are allowed to leave …

I give EYE IN THE SKY a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Even though this film is definitely not A PICK ME UP, it does give you a BIRDS EYE VIEW of our drone capabilities and the pressure that both the English and American Military is under, trying to keep their people safe from radical extremists all over the world. Mirren is superb as Col Katherine Powell, trying to save our world from these terrorists and all that they represent. Paul is awesome as well, playing the new pilot, forced to face the realities of war on his first assignment. And it was also wonderful to see Rickman on the big screen too again, I’m just sad that this was his last film before his untimely death this year. I must also share that I was astounded by the technology portrayed in this film – those moviegoers who love war games are going to totally get into all the gadgets. And I am also certain that what we get to see is just a glimpse of what we, and our allies have at their disposal, in an attempt to defeat terrorism world- wide.   Even though the storyline isn’t really something many of us want to face head on, I think it vital that everyone 17 and over view this film, so that we can all get a sense of what OUR MILITARY and OUR ALLIES face, each and every day, in order to rid our world of those who want to destroy us, and our way of life…

Kathy Kaiser

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