From the Writing duo who has brought us such memorable romantic films as NEVER BEEN KISSED, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, THE VOW, and VALENTINE’S DAY ~ Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein ~ bring us a film that will take you down the road of THE SINGLE LIFE ~ AND HOW ~ while teaching each of us to how to actually LIVE IN OUR OWN MOMENT ~ THIS IS HOW TO BE SINGLE!!

 As we meet freewheeling and fun loving Robin (Rebel Wilson), it seems that she has this SINGLE LIFE THING down to a science. Drinking and sleeping through her life, she happens upon a new girl in town, Alice (Dakota Johnson), who has decided to take a break from her long term relationship, in order to FIND HERSELF…

As Robin and Alice make their way about New York City, it seems that Robin’s sleepover buddy, and the “Best Bartender in town” Tom (Anders Holm) is more than willing to show Alice a good time too…even though he seems to fighting his feelings for LUCY (Allison Brie), ~ who is cute, reserved, and grappling to find that SPECIAL SOMEONE in her life too ~ via the internet ~ because where else can you find TRUE HAPPINESS J

Meanwhile, Alice’s sister Meg (Leslie Mann) is trying to come to terms with her chaotic life of being a doctor, and deciding that, married or not, it’s time to have A BABY…

As Robin continues her free-fall into her life of SINGLE GIRL MAYHEM, Alice is floundering, grasping onto the fact that even though she wanted THIS BREAK from her longtime boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun), maybe the single life isn’t for her. Enter the gorgeous real estate developer David (Daymon Wayons Jr.) into Alice’s life, forcing her to reconsider what’s best for her life yet again…

I give HOW TO BE SINGLE a rating between: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH IT ON DVD ~ I really liked this film…Yes, really I did..and I found myself pleasantly surprised by this fact too, as from the trailers; I wasn’t expecting such a fabulously entertaining film to end up on screen. Wilson plays what she does best – rude, raunchy and OUT OF CONTROL…Johnson was good too in her portrayal of the long-term relationship type girl, learning to spread her wings and fly…as she is coming into her own as a mainstream actress as well. Mann was the perfect older single professional ON A MISSION to have a baby, and Brie was perfect as the SWEET GIRL LOOKING FOR LOVE and of course, in ALL THE WRONG PLACES!! You will laugh you’re your know what off, and this film might make you shed a tear or two too, as you reflect on your own life. These perfectly cast characters and the lives they share don’t leave too many stones unturned, as everyone in this film ~ EVEN THE GUYS ~ struggle to come to terms with what it takes to forge their lives remaining SINGLE, or to take the plunge into a relationship, and never look back…

Kathy Kaiser

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