HAIL, CAESAR! – Rated PG-13



Writing and Directing team comprised of brothers Ethan and Joel Coen ~ THE COEN BROTHERS ~ who have brought us such fabulously entertaining films as FARGO, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and TRUE GRIT ~ have decided to go down a lane of Film History of sorts ~ as they embark on telling what could be considered a semi-biographical tale of OLD HOLLYWOOD, strewn with a real-life dude, and many fictional characters comprised from the likes of real-life stars too ~ so settle in, as we find out what really went on behind the scenes of 1950’s HOLLYWOOD…THIS IS ~ HAIL, CAESAR!!!

As head of Capital Studios, Studio Exec Eddie Mannix “The FIXER” (Josh Brolin) is always putting out one fire after another on his studio sets. All seems to be going as usual, as now the star of the studios upcoming religious biopic, the talented and charming Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) has disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, as if that’s not enough to worry about, it seems that the studios next romantic drama is still in search of it’s leading man, forcing Mannix to bring in the young rope slinger and country crooner Hobie Doyle (Alden Ehrenreich), to take on this his first dramatic role…

While the studio is buzzing with films being produced at every turn, it seems that one of Mannix’s star actresses, the beautiful and mermaidesque DeeAnna Moran (Scarlett Johansson), finds herself in a little bit of trouble too ~ and who else to the rescue but Studio KING PIN Mannix, who makes sure that the Studios reputation, and that of his SUPERSTAR stay in tact…

When word hits the streets of LA regarding Mannix’s perfectly perfected PR moves, it seems that this info has also garnered significant interest from gossip columnists Thora and Thessely Thacker (Tilda Swinton), who want to make sure that THE REAL STORIES about CAPITAL STUDIOS and their STARS hits their respective press outlets a.s.a.p.

Will Mannix be able to keep everything under wraps at Capital Studios ~ and all it’s mess away from the press ~ or will the scandalous lives of the HOLLYWOOD ELITE make it to the outside, for all the world to see???

I give HAIL, CAESAR! A rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Having loved classic Hollywood films and the filmmaking process my whole life, HAIL, CAESAR had me hook, line and sinker, from it’s very first frame!! Having lured me into the real-life Studio Tycoon Eddie Mannix’s life, the Coen brothers also had me questioning (and researching after viewing) the real-life element of each and everyone one of this films other characters. But, rest assured that Clooney’s character, Johansson’s character, even Channing Tatum’s character Burt Gurney is not a real person ~ although it is as if Tatum is channeling GENE KELLY throughout each and every one of his dance sequences. It seems that everyone, besides Mannix, is a composition of many of CLASSIC FILMS greatest, rolled up into each and every mesmerizing character. From Johansson’s depiction of her EstherWilliamsesque character, to HILL’s small, but pivotal role as studio flunky Joseph Silverman, the man who can be “anyone they want him to be”, to FIENNES spin as Director Laurence Laurentz, and his escapades with his starlets, this film touches every aspect of the supposed WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD from the 1950’s ~ even the supposed Communist regime too ~ which while viewing made me giddy inside, which all is leading up to me telling you ~ If you love CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD like I do, or you just want to catch Clooney and Tatum back in theaters ~ either way ~ you have to see HAIL, CAESAR and on the BIG SCREEN TOO!! This perfect creation by the COEN BROTHERS is a definite MUST SEE; I promise you…so head out to a theater near you to catch it, before it’s too late…

Kathy Kaiser

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