The 5th WAVE ~ Rated PG-13



Based on the Rick Yancey novel by the same name ~ Director J Blakeson takes us into our world ~ which at the present time has unfortunately been taken over by THE OTHERS ~ and those who of us who have survived the 4 previous WAVES to eliminate humans from this earth ~ are now bracing for the 5th and FINAL ENCOUNTER to arrive…this is THE 5TH WAVE!!!

As we meet the fun loving Sullivan’s – teenage daughter Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz), son Sam (Zachary Arthur), Mom Lisa (Maggie Siff) and Dad Oliver (Ron Livingston), Earth has just received an ALIEN ENCOUNTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, bringing the Sullivan’s small town, and the rest of Earth, to it’s knees…

Quiet at first ~ but then taking on this planet in full force~ all humans must fight to survive the Aliens ensuing FOUR WAVES OF TORTURE ~ and the few of us that are left must huddle together to survive, waiting for the next WAVE to arrive. When, out of the blue, a Colonel Vosch (Liev Schrieber) arrives in camp, insisting that they are there to save all of them from peril, but, the children must go with him immediately, if they want to survive…

Separated from her brother in all the chaos, Cassie is on a quest to make sense of ALL THE CRAZINESS that is happening around her, as she must focus on finding her brother…before its too late…

I give THE 5th WAVE A RATING OF: WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON NETFLIX OR STREAM IT. Talk about predictable…I haven’t even read the book, and I knew what was going to happen around every turn!!! Even the addition of Schreiber and Maria Bello playing Military operatives couldn’t stop me from wishing THE WAVES were over a lot sooner than they were. But, too, I am certain that just like TWILIGHT and the HUNGER GAMES, all the pre-teens and teens who have read this novel, or who love Moretz, can’t wait to see this film ~ so kudos to the casting department for trying to make this story plausible and captivating by this casting, and by securing adorable Nick Robinson and Alex Roe as her two love interests too ~ as they will solidify the teenagers swooning all the way through this film…which I can only assume is why they brought this book to life…but from my perspective, THE 5TH WAVE isn’t something that I have to send you to the theater to see, unless you want to be SUPER COOL, and join your teenagers at the theater for some bonding time…

Kathy Kaiser

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