“Hey, you know one in three of these girls has herpes, even if you can’t see it…”

Director, Writer and Producer Dan Mazer joins forces with screenplay writer John Phillips to bring to the BIG SCREEN a film so full of debauchery, mayhem and political incorrectness ~ that you may find yourself blushing in a few parts too ~ THIS IS DIRTY GRANDPA!!!

When his grandmother dies of Cancer, Lawyer and man-about-town Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) finds himself pressured into taking his newly widowed grandfather Dick Kelly (Robert DeNiro) to his vacation home in Florida…

Weeks away from his own wedding, and caught in the midst of all the preparation with his fiancé’ Meredith (Julianne Hough), Jason knows that it’s definitely not the time to be leaving town, but what’s a grandson to do…

As they hit Florida just in time for SPRING BREAK, it seems that Grandpa has LOTS OF DIRTY THINGS ON HIS MIND, as he tries to convince his straight-laced grandson to loosen up a little…

As Grandpa has set his eye on the beautiful and slutty co-ed Lenore (Aubrey Plaza), as she has been offering herself up for days now, it seems that Jason has bumped into a former classmate named Shaudia (Zoey Deutch) as well, setting up what just might be “a good time” to be had BY ALL…

When things get way out of hand, leave it to GRANDPA to continue to add fuel to the fire, forcing Jason to come to terms with his impending marriage, his crappy career choice, and figuring out exactly what his future holds…

I GIVE DIRTY GRANDPA A RATING OF WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON NETFLIX or STREAMING: Okay, I had an inkling this wasn’t going to be the caliber of film we are used to seeing from DeNiro, as he has made some incredible films over the years. And I had another inkling that maybe this wasn’t even going to be Efron’s BEST EITHER, since they didn’t show it to the press before it’s release, but, I still wanted to check it out to see if it was at all worth the price of admission. I will tell you that this is one of the raunchiest movies I have seen in quite some time ~ and for all you ZAC EFRON Fans out there ~ you will not only get to hear him use those golden pipes of his again ~ butt, you will get to see more of him than you usually do too (one of the few positives of this film ~ and no, I don’t spell wrong J ) DeNiro is okay doing what he does ~ who else can say or do some of the things he does with a straight face but him, and Efron’s acting is slowly-but-surely improving too believe it or not…plus seeing Julianne Hough, Jason Mantzoukas and Adam Pally along for this incredibly wrong joyride wasn’t horrific either, but the storyline was filled with so many disgusting antics just because, joined with quite a few EPIC FAILS in the comedy department, tossed with those politically incorrect moments for no apparent reason either, that I found myself chuckling periodically, but nothing like I was hoping I would…leading me to warn you that you might want to wait to catch this one on NETFLIX or to STREAM IT, alleviating the pain of it hitting your wallet too hard for just a few laughs, and butt shots along the way…

Kathy Kaiser



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