RIDE ALONG 2 – Rated PG-13


RIDE ALONG 2 – Rated PG-13

 Tim Story is back Directing his continuing saga of those pseudo-partners on the case ~ Ben Barber and James Payton ~ aka Kevin Hart and Ice Cube ~ who are still working out their relationship issues and pending “family” status – as brothers-in-law ~ THIS IS RIDE ALONG 2…

Focusing on his impending nuptials to the beautiful Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), Ben (Kevin Hart) has his own ideas for the BIG DAY, although the wedding planner that Angela has hired ~ the viscously nasty Cori (Sherry Shepherd) can’t hear a word Ben’s saying, because she has her own ideas in mind…

Now that Ben is the new cop on the beat – yet far from detective status ~ he still dreams of one day riding along side his mentor ~ and future brother in law James (Ice Cube) FOR REAL!!

When a case that James is working on takes him to Miami ~ it seems that there is nothing Ben wants more, than to join James on this case, proving once and for all – he has what it takes to become a detective…

 Falling under pressure from his boss ~ and his sister ~ James caves and takes Ben along for the RIDE OF HIS LIFE, as they pursue Civic Leader, and, oh yah, DRUG LORD Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt)…

Now, the question is ~ will Ben make it back in time to get hitched? Or will he manage to get James and himself in even more trouble than the last time they were working a case together???

I give RIDE ALONG 2 a rating of: WAIT AND CATCH THIS ON NETFLIX OR STREAMING: It pains me to give this rating to these terrific actors, as I have loved much of their work in the past…but this second film in the RIDE ALONG franchise has definitely met with the dreaded CURSE OF THE SEQUAL! Hart and Cube did manage to pick up their roles right where they left off in 2014’s RIDE ALONG, as Barber and Payton – but, between the glaringly familiar storyline (MIAMI VICE ANYONE!) to the less than funny antics throughout, to the lack of any chemistry at all love interest for James – Miami policewoman Maya (Olivia Munn) this film ran out of gas pretty fast in my opinion, leaving me to suggest that if you really want to check out these future brothers-in-laws in action in this film, then you better buckle yourself in to wait a few months, so you can catch it on the ever popular NETFLIX selections when it pops, or view it through a low cost streaming option – and it’s definitely not worth the cost of admission to see this one at a theater near you…

Kathy Kaiser

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