LEGEND – Rated R

Legend movie poster

Written and Directed by the man who also penned such exciting films as 42, MYSTIC RIVER, MAN ON FIRE and CONSPIRACY THEORY – Brian Helgeland – comes the true story of England’s most notorious gangsters ~ Reggie and Ronnie Kray ~ who were tearing up and beating up most of London in the 60’s…. THIS IS LEGEND!

It seems that identical twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray (Tom Hardy) are destined for greatness ~ well at least having tons of cash flowing ~ as they shakedown ½ of London’s eastside as one of the two groups of mobsters ruling the city…

When a chance encounter leads Reggie down the road of love, it seems that the beautiful Frances Shea (Emily Browning) is falling hard and fast too, for this notorious bad boy.

As the rest of the world tries to figure out what makes Ronnie tick ~ as he is apparently as crazy as the day is long ~ it isn’t long before Ronnie is feeling threatened by this new person in his brothers life, and he isn’t too sure her presence is needed in their “family business” either…

When Reggie is sent to prison to finish out his jail term, Frances sets out to win over Ronnie, and their mother too, to ensure her acceptance into the family, once Reggie is sprung…

Now, thrust into the life of a gangsters wife, Frances is torn between being with the man she loves, or running as fast as she can down the road that will take her away from all madness that surrounds the Kray Brothers…

I give LEGEND a rating of: WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON NETFLIX: It makes me sad to tell you to not head out to the theater to catch this film, especially since I really do usually enjoy TOM HARDY in his films, but this time, HARDY playing two roles doesn’t translate to TWICE THE FUN in any way, shape or form His role as Ronnie is reminiscent of so much that we have seen from him before – can you say BAIN or MAD MAX – his voice is that to a tee yet again, only helping me drift off from the story at hand…and we have also seen Hardy’s performance as Reggie too, in films previous films LAWLESS and THIS MEANS WAR. I did enjoy the fact that this film is a TRUE STORY ~ but that’s where the excitement for this film ended for me. I also really didn’t enjoy the extremely violent nature of this film either, which just interprets to violence isn’t my thing, no matter how cute the guy on screen is!!! Bottom line, if you think you might enjoy 2 hours of extreme violence and TWO HARDY’S for the price of one…then you might want to head out to the theater to catch this “not family friendly” film this weekend. But, if you aren’t into these things, you might want to hold off and CATCH THIS FILM ONCE IT POPS ON NETFLIX. Then you won’t end up feeling so bad about the money you wasted catching this barely mediocre film on a big screen near you…

Kathy Kaiser

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