CREED – Rated PG-13


From the man who brought Michael B. Jordan’s career to life with 2013’s FRUITVALE STATION ~ Ryan Coogler ~ comes his spin on the 7th installment in the 39 year career of MR. ROCKY BALBOA himself – this time entering the ring to train Apollo Creed’s son Adonis…. So get ready for a definite one-two punch…THIS IS CREED!!!

When Adonis Johnson (Alex Henderson / Michael B. Jordan) finds himself living in a boy’s home, he meets Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad), who takes him in to try to give him a better life…

Flash forward to many years later, as Adonis is now looking to quit his job and find his way into boxing. Since Mary Anne wants nothing of the sort for Adonis ~ following in his father’s foot-steps was never what she had imagined for this bright and energetic young man ~ Adonis if forced to head to Philadelphia and seek out Creed’s opponent and Best Friend – BALBOA (Sylvester Stallone).

Seeing that this kid is going to be nothing but trouble, Rocky tells Adonis he can’t help him. Once Rocky sees “the kid” in action, he rethinks the opportunities that might come Adonis’s way, if he can just help him perfect his craft.

With the genetic gene pool on his side, Adonis sets forth to take on anyone that will fight him – including World Champion “Pretty” Rick Conlan (Tony Bellew).

As Balboa shares all he knows, and with girlfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson) in his corner too…Creed must learn to fight “his own fight” and do whatever it takes to make sure he always comes out on top….

I give CREED a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Having viewed many ROCKY films since the franchise started in 1976 ~ although I must admit, I did skip 5 & 6 ~ I was hoping that this spin off which takes us down the path of Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son was going to be a ONE/TWO PUNCH in a good way, and it absolutely is! Jordan is mesmerizingly perfect as CREED ~ let’s just say ladies, he must have been hitting the gym hard before he hit the ring, and it has paid off…and who knew that after this many years of Stallone showing up on screen giving us his so-so performances, that he would actually knock our socks off this late in the game…as his performance is utter perfection too. Add in the beautiful and talented Thompson as Creed’s love interest, and you have one fantastic film that beacons for you to catch it at a theater near you this weekend. I mean, they are even talking about a possible supporting actor nod for Sly when awards season roles around too ~ who knew that the 7th installment in the franchise he started might finally get him that “golden statue” after all…

Kathy Kaiser

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