Sleeping with other people

“We gotta come up with A SYSTEM…”

Get ready for the Best ROM/COM of the year thus far…as we venture down a virginal passageway with the writer who brought us ABOUT LAST NIGHT ~ Leslye Headland ~ only this time she writes and directs her way into “ultimate stardom” with her latest creation ~ SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!

When a chance encounter in college between Jake (Jason Sudeikis) and Laney (Alison Brie) leads to them loosing their virginity to one another, little do they know that a decade later, their paths will cross again at a sex addiction therapy session…

Bound and determined to get beyond her passion for her lover Matthew (Adam Scott), who she has also known since college, and who apparently doesn’t think she is “wife material”, Laney starts up a “Friendship” with Jake, who is struggling too, with finding MISS RIGHT!!!

As their friendship evolves ~ but never out of the FRIEND ZONE ~ everyone, including Jake’s best friend R. A. (Jordan Carlos), and his beautiful wife Naomi (Andrea Savage) want to know when they are not HOOKING UP????

Destined to keep their relationship platonic, Jake and Laney are falling head over heels for one another, but refuse to see what is right before their eyes…

When Jake decides the time has come to make a move on his super-hot boss Paula (Amanda Peet), even though she has been deflecting his advances for months, things seem to be headed in the right direction ~ FINALLY ~ for Jake and his love life…

But, can Jake ever really put all of his feelings for Laney on the back burner, and vice versa?

I give SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! Even though this film is in limited release, you are definitely going to want to locate it at a theater somewhere close to you! Sudeikis is even more witty and charming than you have ever seen him before ~ kudos for this casting!!! And, Brie is perfectly cast too, as the lovelorn romantic by day, sexual temptress by night!!! Even Peet, Carlos and Savage shine in their respective roles throughout this film ~ this is the best ROM/COM I have seen in quite some time…. I think it is even better than Schumer’s TRAINWRECK if you can believe that – as the comedy, the friendships, and all the ROMANCING plays out so true-to-life on screen, you won’t want to miss one single minute of this little gem. And, not to sound prudish ~ no chance of that here, but if your are thinking of taking your teenager to catch this one with you, you might want to rethink that ~ as this is a 21st century sexually provocative film, that might make either of you really uncomfortable having just witnessed what is happening on screen together ~ take it from experience ~ BEEN THERE / DONE THAT with another film earlier this year, so I feel it my duty to warn you, before you head out to a theater near you 🙂 But, as far as date night movies go – THIS IS A DEFINITE DATE NIGHT MUST SEE FILM – as there is something that each of you can enjoy, around each and every turn….

Kathy Kaiser

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