From the Director and Writer who brought us INCENDIES, ENEMY and PRISONERS ~ Denis Villeneuve ~ comes a graphic tale of life amidst the turmoil and destruction brought on by the drug cartel – not only in Mexico, but on our home soil too – with his new film ~ SICARIO

As the war on drugs rages on, FBI Agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) is chosen to be a part of a select undercover operation, going after the Drug Cartel in Mexico, and those who are crossing over the border as well…

Unsure of what lies ahead ~ or why she was chosen to participate ~ Mercer must place her trust in the hands of Lead agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) and their inside informant/Hired Killer Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro).

As both sides fight to WIN THE WAR, it seems that Alejandro has more than one objective driving him in taking out those who control the cartel and who have personally done him wrong!!!!

Lost between who is on the right side of the law, and who IS NOT, Mercer must learn to follow her own instincts to ensure that she makes it out alive, and that she is still on the right side of the law, when it is all said and done…

I give SICARIO a rating of: WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON NETFLIX!!! I was excited to see Emily Blunt in another action-packed thriller, as I love a multi-faceted actress who can play any character with ease. Brolin of course is cast perfectly as the MAN IN CONTROL…and De Toro is on his game too, playing the undercover informant/HITMAN, even though you find yourself asking “which side is he really on???” So with all these accolades, why the mediocre review? For starters, I was hoping for so much more from Blunt, as she seemed pretty much one-dimensional playing the stoic FBI agent, confused and dismayed with what is happening all around her. I was also quite surprised by the intensely graphic nature of this film ~ I realize we are dealing with drug lords who kill people without hesitation, but this film had even more graphic violence than I was expecting going in. And sadly, the storyline didn’t WOW me either, as it seemed to be just one violent scene after the other, without expanding in any other direction. I am sure that the men who see it are going to enjoy everything about it that I didn’t ~ and if you ladies out there want to join your guy as a payoff for them taking you to see THE MARTIAN, or MISSISSIPPI GRIND or SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE this weekend, that’s a definite fair trade. But if not, I would suggest you wait and catch this one in the luxury of your own home. That way, if it gets too “icky” for you to stomach, as it did for me, you can step away from the screen, and find something more suitable to do to pass the time, till your man is finished watching this one…

Kathy Kaiser


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